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Destiny as an MMO RPG

THIS IS NOT MY VIDEO. It includes many great ideas and the creator, Ninja pups, covered many topics regarding Destiny. This being my first post, and wanting to be more involved with the community. I'm bringing up the idea of MMO RPG style loot systems and overhauled customization. As a player since Destiny 1, Year 1, Day 1, I have experienced the game grow and hit bumps. Experiencing the first wave of nightfall completions and exotic bounty drops, the loot caves, the early crucible metas and god roll range shotguns. (yes, Matador.) my first exotics being Thorn, Running through the house as a 14 year old realizing i just got a exotic bounty and my mom looking at me with a worried face. Going through nightfall for my first time to get the patience and time, one of the coolest and unique exotics ive used. EARNING the nightfall flame that only made my character more badass. Grinding Dead orbit for my Exotic titan mark, something i still wear to this day on my D1 titan. getting the titan strike specific helmet that looked like the skull of a hive knight. I could go on and on about my interaction with raid teams, the best 3v3 player who yes took me through my very first lighthouse run (Thanks again, Raez3r) and My friends who syngergize w my excitement in this potential as a community. As a fan of destiny, these are the many things i enjoyed and can say with much confidence many other players enjoyed as well. While also giving ideas, ill point out many things I loved to this day and add info regarding the topic. this thread is a resource for our community to communicate w bungie regarding the many things that spark nostalgia. To start from the beginning Night fall strikes: Doing one was a nightmare, which means it was fun as hell. Searching up youtube guides could make up for 100 hours of my nearly 1600 hour time on D1. running them with friends in hopes of which exotic i'd get was truly exciting, not only that. The Blue flame was brilliant bungie. It added another layer and so i propose: We bring back That flame, but build even more onto it. Not only blue, how about -Black/Red/Yellow/Green/ EVEN RAINBOW. Flames for everyones needs. and that is not limited to the head, we could have flames on our fists to signify whatever the gaurdian pleases, flames on our feet if we wanted to signify a finesse and make the building to our characters even more cool -Universal ornaments that arent tied to specific armor. for example: Hive thorns growing out of shoulders or backs vex chroma splattered all over our armor that has a slight and unique glow or wave effect (this could tie into unique shaders). Cabal resilience plated over our already badass armor, or small scale red cabal shields hooked onto a titans back (This could tie into unique armor sets not limited to just the cabal theme) Even the tribal spiky scorn themes that signify something almost primal. These races within destiny could reflects themes players of destiny want to project onto their characters, in order to build story and personal attachment. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY LOOK LIKE A HAUNTED GUN LORD WHO PUSHED ATHEON OFF LEDGES WITH WARLOCK GRENADES AND DISCONNECTED ROUTERS TO BUG CROTA OUT. sorry bungie. Continuing with the topic of belonging for ones character that brings up topic number 2, Factions: Being tied to Dead orbit made it feel good to be emo, sorry guys we had the best shaders. In all seriousness the factions were genius. Getting shaders and armor tied to that faction made it feel i supported them while at the same time i looked great. And this was a yearly thing, not locked behind seasonal events. And so I propose: - We bring back all around faction competition, Let me kill someone in crucible whos rocking unique new monarchy shaders, armors, and weapons that they invested time to earn and show off. While at the same time i punch them to death with my dead orbit gear lol. make these characters who represent competition have personality again and relevent within the growth of concurring destiny. - We bring back the exotic marks, cloaks, and bonds which tied to each faction. Build more onto this with exotic shaders, exotic emblems which could either be animated or show off a personality that can reflect through the player. this may be a stretch, but unique cloaks, bonds, and marks that are universal with all classes. A titan with a cape and a bond, earned through(but not limited to) faction based loot. Ive already sat here for an Hour and a half stating very simple but crazy cool themes, which so much can branch off of. Thats not to say any one else has not had the same ideas. I hope this gains traction not just for my own gain but the overall excitement of us fans as a whole. Lets go all out with this as an mmo and build a history with this game. As hardcore as it may seem i truly do love this game, many others too. interacting ever since i was 14 is something i can never replicate, only possibly better it in the future. thanks

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