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Solstice event is a demonstration of Bungie's new game design paradigm

Solstice = grind yourself to death (just read all the topics about it). A while ago, Bungie stated they wanted to make Destiny "more hardcore". It is obvious by now that for Bungie "more hardcore" doesn't mean "play better", it just means "play more". The last expansions mostly consisted of very few new game assets (like (exotic) guns or armor) and a hell of a lot totally repetitve activities in content we have been playing for months or even years. That's Bungie's game design mantra: Throw some more (or mostly rather less) desirable game asset at the players, which to achieve forces them to replay the same old stuff again and again and again. The solstice armor grind is the current apex of this design "philosophy". On top of it, it is horribly flawed: Just look at the requirement to open 50 EAZ chests and kill 100 EAZ mini bosses, combined with the totally superfluous requirement to kill some major bosses before being able to get to the chest part. You will have opened 50 chests way faster than killed 100 mini bosses, so what people do once they have the chests, they kill mini bosses, and as soon as that phase is over they leave the EAZ activity and start the next one. Players who need the chests and unfortunately got match made with those only going for mini boss kills will have to solo kill the end bosses (happened to me a couple of times). Destiny players have been acting like that in similar activities for years, but Bungie messes this up *again*, foreseeable as it was. The end bosses are totally unnecessary, they add nothing to the experience, there is no benefit in killing them apart from being able to get to the chests. Unlike in previous events, there is also no way to have "private" MM, where you can make sure you don't have any random dorks in your fireteam. This is a problem because a kill of a mini boss you didn't damage doesn't count as a kill for you. GG Bungo. Every single time since the release of Destiny 1, you are making the same kind of stupid mistakes, oversights, short sighted design decisions and goof ups. Despite the intelligence that must be present in your company (or you wouldn't be able to create a game at all), you are amazingly stupid. It is amazing, hilarious (and if I would have any illusions regarding my species left), disillusioning, how many people still fall for it and believe that satisfying the simple reward mechanism this type of "game design" triggers would be fun. It is sad how a game company can exist, and not just exist, but make craploads of money, with such a bad product. Not even speaking about the bugs and other design and technical flaws plaguing it for years now.

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