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8/1/2019 10:13:53 PM

Unpopular opinion about everything recently

Regarding the most recent developments with Season of Opulence, tribute hall, solstice of heros, and Shadowkeep delay. Dear those of you complaining about everything: Oh well. If you are complaining about the sheer amount of materials needed in the tribute hall? Do the discount bounties. Dont have the time to do them? Oh well. Not bungie's fault. Annoyed that it takes bright dust? Oh well. Do the eververse bounties. It is a material that is obtainable in the game without paying money for it. There are enough tributes in the game that you dont have to use any dust at all and you can get the catalyst. If you are complaining about the Solstice of Heros armor set requirements? Oh well. Firstly, it's not even been a full week yet and people are complaining about the length of the quests to upgrade the armor sets. The solstice event runs for [i]a month[/i]. Its been 3 days. Chill out. If you are complaining about the length of time it would take to get all three sets for the classes and how you wont be able to get it because of your schedule? Oh well. It wasnt meant for you. It was meant for people who devote days of time to destiny. In one months time a person with a busy schedule can easily get the armor set for their preferred class. [i]Easily[/i]. Getting all three sets is meant for those who spend their time poorly if they are busy, and for those who do nothing but play destiny. It is [i]meant[/i] to be a huge grind. Because it is an endgame thing designed for players who have the time to devote to it. It's not meant for people who have 1 day a week to play. It never was. Just like the redrix broadsword quest was never meant for you either. It's meant for people who play it constantly, as a reward system for those who devote tons of time to the game. The triumph seal only requires 1 piece to be masterworked. That was meant for everyone to be able to do over the course of [i]a month[/i]. That was an approachable thing that bungie figured you could get with a month to do it. All three sets was never meant for everyone. It's a pinnacle thing, as in put in the time get the reward. Not for a casual player. It's a reward for putting in the huge effort. Its not rewarding if everyone has it. If you are mad about the glows costing a lot of bright dust, after the tribute hall took it all? Oh well. You should have done the discount bounties. And with [i]a MONTH[/i] to play the solstice event, doing the eververse bounties as much as you can, on top of the minimum 3 bright engrams, even playing casually you should be able to get PLENTY of bright dust to get the glow you want. If you want all three and dont have the time to devote to that then IT WASNT MEANT FOR YOU. Or alternatively buy the glows. It's less than $10 for one set, or you can spend $25 for all three. They are cosmetics, they affect nothing in game, and, more importantly, bungie is a company. They like making money. If you are so impatient and want the glows then you can buy them. This is not a free to play game. This is not a game that they put out for free and with no profit. Bungie is a business. Things need money to function. If you think that they are trying to steal your money? That's your fault. It's a business strategy. Noone is making you pay them for the [i]cosmetics[/i]. You are just needy and want them for free. Lastly, and likely most prominently, if you are mad about Shadowkeep getting delayed? [i]OH WELL[/i]. If you guys can sit here and whine and complain about every single bug that shows up, complain about weapon balance, sandbox, not enough content, etc. And then whine because the dlc got delayed because they wanted to spend more time making sure stuff gets fixed? Then that's your problem. If you requested time off to play? That's [i]your problem[/i]. Nobody made you take that time off. Bungie is not gonna move mountains and release an unfinished product for people who took time off to play a video game. They dont cater to you. They wanted to release a product they were happy with, and if it takes more time then oh well. Stop complaining. Enjoy your time off if you cant switch it. Switch it if you can. Dont complain because its not gonna change anything. Tldr: If you are mad about it, oh well.

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