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TL;DR Reckoning sucks. Adjust it, don't abandon it.

The only consistently "hard" part of this activity is the Bridge. Killing waves of adds at the start and killing the boss pales in comparison. If you do not have a Well of Radiance you fail that encounter with randoms 9 times out of 10. The snipers put out too much damage, the ultras will send you flying before they even spawn, and trying to kill them is completely dependent on the modifiers. Blackout is basically a death sentence, because you need to stand relatively still for each capture point, as well as when you do damage to the Knights during their rotation. This mode was designed around constant super usage that would be easily manageable with super-refunding exotics, and yet despite those exotics being nerfed there has been no changes to the mode or the mechanics involved. For people that gave Season of the Drifter a pass, it's awful to get back into it because of the clear lack of care for future balance updates that were already en route. It feels cobbled together with the intent of giving people who unironically respond "git gud" to every feedback post regardless of the content more fuel. If you're gonna advise people play this mode at all like I saw in the highlighted post, it needs to be adjusted to compensate for the fact that it is a matchmade activity. Get rid of the boss stomp mechanics for the ultras on bridge, and shorten the time the capture zones require you to wait inside. That should remedy the biggest issues with the mode itself. Modifiers can be discussed, but for the most part it's not rocket science that Blackout shouldn't even be option given the lethality of enemy melee in combination with the lack of space for movement during most encounters. Can't put a bubble down because enemies can just walk in and kill you, and Helm of Saint-14 doesn't blind ultras. Can't hide inside a well because if you let the ultras/knights get too close, [i](which happens alot on Prism too where your weapons will suddenly do less damage on a timer that you have no control of)[/i], you get one shot or catapulted off the bridge. Mix that all together with lackluster drop rates and you have the worst activity in recent history. Give it some love, Bungie. [spoiler][i]And Titans too, while you're at it.[/i][/spoiler]

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