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7/27/2019 7:03:39 PM

Pinnacle weapon ideas

TRACE RIFLE: [spoiler]Idea #1: Rapidly hitting a target with this weapon will cause them to detonate after a certain amount of time (like dragon fly). If the target is killed, they also detonate, granting a higher chance to drop special ammo. Idea #2: Dealing damage to a target over time slows the rate at which ammo is consumed, while putting out the same damage at the same rate. Defeating an enemy grants a damage buff that is extended and enhanced by continually dealing damage. Idea #3: As you continue to fire this weapon, the continuous beam will break into a horizontal beam of 3 (think a trident) each doing normal damage. Pierces targets. [/spoiler] SIDEARM: [spoiler] Idea #1: This weapon can swap between firing systems, one single shot and one 3 burst by holding the reload button. Getting a kill with burst mode grants enhanced stability and damage. Getting a kill with single fire mode enhances range and damage. Idea #2: (Burst sidearm) this weapon shoots in a burst of 4. Getting a kill extends the number of rounds fired per burst from 4 to 6 and restores the magazine, refreshes. Idea #3: (Single shot) this weapon has full auto. Landing rapid precision hits restores ammo to the magazine based on the amount fired. Rounds returned to the magazine are put towards the end of the magazine, once you reach those returned rounds they deal bonus damage. (Lets say we have a 10 mag sidearm, hit 3 precision shots and the final 3 rounds will deal bonus damage, hit all 10 and the weapon will have 10 bonus damage rounds). [/spoiler] ROCKET LAUNCHER: [spoiler] Idea #1: This weapon's rockets can stick to surfaces and enemies by holding the button used to fire this weapon. After a short time, the blast radius and damage increase (basically a scorch cannon but for you). Idea #2: This weapon fires 3 rockets at the cost of one. The damage is split between the 3, but the radius is not. Upon getting 2 or more kills, this weapon can fire 2 volleys at once for the cost of 1 ammo (so it shoots 6 rockets). Idea #3: This weapon has clusterbombs. This weapons cluster bombs have increased radius and deal increased damage. [/spoiler] SWORD: [spoiler] Idea #1: Blocking with this weapon just before getting attacked negates all the damage you would have taken and knock back at the cost of no ammo. Your next attack after blocking a hit will grant 2 stacks that reduce the cost of ammo by 1 (so you could light attack twice at the cost of no ammo, or power attack twice for 3 ammo each instead of 4). Idea #2: This weapon has the ability to switch between lightweight, aggressive, and adaptive frames using light which you swap by holding reload (think ivory straight sword or ultra great sword from dark souls 2). Each of these 3 types has a different bonus AND negative effect: Light weight grants increased light attack damage with a chance to not consume ammo but reduced heavy attack damage. Adaptive removes the energy cost of blocking but consumes ammo more quickly over time. (so it's an enhanced block basically). Aggressive grants higher heavy attack damage and radius, but weaker light attacks. Idea #3: Grants 35% reduction in damage to all melee attacks. Taking any damage grants a very brief period of bonus damage and restores some health upon hitting the target (The quake counter sword). [/spoiler] SHOTGUN: [spoiler] Idea #1: (Slug shotgun) This weapon has opening shot. Upon getting a kill and waiting a short time, you can fire up to 2 opening shot buffed rounds next time you activate it. Idea #2: (Pellet shotgun) This weapons pellets can penetrate targets. Getting a multi kill (2 or more) within a short time increases the damage and allows you to fire this weapon at an increased rate for the remainder of the magazine. Restores ammo from reserves on multi kills. Idea #3: (Pellet shotgun) This weapon has a tighter spread upon aiming down sights. If your target has been within your sights for a short time, place a tracker on them that lasts for 4 seconds. Killing this target grants bonus damage for a short time if you reload in a short amount of time. (Props to anyone who can guess which weapon this is a reference to) [/spoiler]

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