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7/20/2019 5:44:20 PM

"So you just got the Annual Pass and don't know what to do. Post-Forsaken Guide"

Hey all, [url=]u/Hatherence[/url] posted a pretty nice guide for new players over at the DestinyTheGame reddit. Crossposting this over here for any new folks who happen to be joining the forums. Cheers! _______________________________________________________________ The annual pass is a bundle of three end game DLCs that take place after Forsaken. [url=]Here is a brief overview of the activities players with and without it have[/url]. [u][b]Getting Started [/b][/u][quote]The annual pass is divided into three parts, Black Armory, Gambit Prime, and Season of Opulence. As soon as you finish Forsaken, you will see three new quests that introduce you to each of these 1. Spider will give you a quest to start Black Armory. 2. Drifter will give you a quest to start Gambit Prime 3. Benedict 99-40 will give you a quest to start the Menagerie. Even though Benedict's quest is last, [url=]I highly recommend doing Benedict's invitation first[/url]. It serves as a catch up mechanic that gives you power level 690 blue rarity gear. This quest is on a per account basis, with the 690 gear being given to all three characters. It is doable even if you do not own the annual pass, but if that is the case it only lets you do one free trial run of the Menagerie. When you accept these quests, they will appear in your pursuits inventory, located at the top of the director. Hover over them to see what they are telling you to do next.[/quote] [u][b]Black Armory [/b][/u][quote]Once you finish the quest Spider gives you, you will be granted access to the first forge, Volundr, and the fourth forge, Bergusia, both located in the EDZ. After completing this quest, the second forge unlock quest is a random drop from fallen anywhere and the third is a random drop from vex. Note that you can only carry one forge unlock quest at a time, so the next one will not drop until you have completed the previous! Hover over each forge to see its recommended power level and what guns can be made there. Each frame makes one specific gun, so for example, every hand cannon frame will be kindled orchid, every bow frame will be spiteful fang, every sniper rifle frame will be tatara gaze, and so on. There is a hidden quest, the "mysterious box" to be found here. One step does ask you to complete a rare bounty, so if you happen to get a rare bounty early on (can drop from completing Ada-1's normal bounties, or her "forge 2 guns" weekly challenge), it is a good idea to complete it and then not turn it in until you reach the quest step asking you to do a rare bounty. You can craft two powerful guns per week, and as many non-powerful copies of those two guns as you wish. The exotic bow Le Monarque is a random drop from any forge while you are forging a powerful frame, and the exotic fusion rifle Jotunn is a random drop from Bergusia while forging a powerful frame ([url=]source[/url]). Curated guns also have a chance at dropping while forging a powerful frame in Bergusia.[/quote] [u][b]Gambit Prime [/b][/u][quote]Once you complete the introductory quest that looks like a gambit coin on fire, the Drifter will offer you the choice to side with him or the warlock Aunor who works for the Vanguard. This quest currently has no significant long term consequences. In gambit prime, you earn small colourful gambit coins called synths from doing certain things in game, a random one at the end of a game, and from doing bounties. There are four different ones, for each of the "roles." [url=]There are four armor sets with extra perks active only in gambit prime[/url]. When you equip a piece of this armor in the character menu, you can hover over a small icon on the right side of your character below the mobility, resilience, and recovery stats to see what set perks you can reach using that gear. There are armor sets that give +1, +2, and +3 to each set, and ideally you would want four pieces of +3 gear and then your favourite exotic armor. You can consume a synth to get a temporary +3 towards that set's bonus. To get this armor, you must play reckoning, a pve activity launched from the gambit page. There are three tiers of reckoning, one for each tier of armor. You turn synths into motes using the synthesizer and wager them at the reckoning bank to have a random armor piece drop. You unlock tier 1 as part of the intro quest, but to unlock tier 2 you must do one of the gambit prime bounties that gives a powerful helmet and a "synthesizer upgrade." Doing one of these bounties unlocks one higher tier of reckoning, and one higher tier of that specific helmet (so to get a tier 3 helmet you need to do that same helmet bounty 3 times). [url=]Weapons can randomly drop from tiers 2 and 3 of reckoning, and during or after gambit prime matches[/url].[/quote] [u][b]Season of Opulence [/b][/u][quote]You can use the chalice of opulence to target farm specific items. As you upgrade the chalice, you can make different kinds of items. You upgrade the chalice with a currency called imperials, which come from the Menagerie triumphs, Werner's bounties, the chests on the Nessus barge, and strikes/crucible/gambit once you have the "Power and Efficiency 2" upgrade. The Nessus barge chests cost 5,000 glimmer each to open, and reset every week. [url=]A spreadsheet of chalice recipes with recommended chalice upgrade order[/url]. Once you have fully upgraded the chalice, anything that would give imperials gives a rune instead. Once unlocked, each type of rune seems to have an identical drop chance. The Menagerie is a six person matchmade activity that ranges very widely in power level. You'll be fine if you are around 700. It is like reckoning, but far less stressful because you can't fail! Be aware that it goes faster if you are more prepared. It has three different bosses that rotate from week to week, with the ogre boss, Arunak, dropping an exotic quest when you first defeat him. You can enter the Menagerie however many times you wish, whether or not you have runes in your chalice, but you cannot open the chest at the end unless you have a rune or runes in your chalice. Heroic mode menagerie does not have matchmaking, and has the same modifiers all week long instead of a singe for the week and modifiers that change daily. The first item you make each week in heroic menagerie will be at masterwork tier 10, though this does not mean it will be curated. You can get a sword as a random drop from the boss, a ship as a random drop from the chest, and the Izanagi's Burden catalyst as a guaranteed drop when your chalice is fully upgraded.[/quote]

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