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Buff autos in pve.

Too damn long, no way i'm reading that: 600s, 15% damage buff in pve. 450s, 15-20% damage buff in pve, some of their original range or aim assist back too. 720s, 10% damage buff. 360s, 10% damage buff. Auto type perks to Buff: High-impact reserves damage increase because it's ass. Tap the trigger, increase the duration slightly. Under pressure, increase the speed at which the perk becomes active/activates more quickly. Dynamic sway reduction, same as HiR. I've made a bunch of these posts as the annual pass has gone on. They received a pretty minor buff a long while ago that was around 6%, but it benefited them as well in PvP. I'm ok with that as the first buff they got because it was a tweak to see how they panned out. And now it's been long enough for me to say, again, that it's time for another buff, but a more substantial one, in pve. 600s are the best all around auto rifle. Good damage per mag, comfortable enough to use, fitting of the frame adaptive. I think they've aged a bit poorly even after their 6% buff and they struggle a bit in harder endgame content, even in something like menagerie. It takes a good chunk of its mag to kill even just basic acolytes at near max level. I've noticed that as soon as rampage is activated on one of them, that they actually become considerably more comfortable to use, as is the case with pretty much any weapon with rampage but especially on autos. I think granting them a pve buff of 15%, which is close to the first stack of rampage, is the best middle ground. It will make them more reliable as well as a lot more usable in pve. Another thing that should be tweaked is the headshot multiplier. It's around 3x damage on headshot against trash mobs, making bodyshots absolutely abysmal. I think it should always be around 2x damage for precision as these weapons consistently hit a good mix of headshots and bodyshots on console. This is specifically asking for a change to the precision modifier. 450s used to be the kings of year 1. This isn't even close to the case anymore. Their damage is pitiful and their range isn't actually much further than the adaptive frames are which makes them less...good. I think they should give them a fat 20% damage buff (I'd be ok with 15% as well, but 20% is to make up for the buff they didn't get). This is a large increase for sure, but the damage they currently deal is honestly so bad. This archetype actually didn't get buffed back when they tweaked auto rifle damage and they really do need something substantial to make up for this (if the other archetypes get buffed as well). I find their damage struggles in higher end game activities and its why I stopped using breakneck, because it takes so many bullets just to even get it started. Another issue I have with 450s is their range. Originally I could understand why they nerfed it as PvP with their range and ttk was absolutely obnoxious to fight and back then pulses had no place because they were mapping even against scouts while granting ridiculous ttk. I think they should give 450s back some of their original range, or at least aim assist, as they are currently fighting in the same range as the rest of the autos while being the weakest of the bunch. This is particularly bad as they tend to be keeping precision frame weapons on the lower spectrum for damage...but their range definitely doesn't reflect this for autos. In response to people's worry with them bringing back 450s range into PvP, I have just 1 thing to say: time to kill. It's no longer overwhelmingly dominant nor is it even particularly fast. It's below average compared to the rest of the weapons currently which is the complete opposite of year 1. 720s are actually in a fairly good place. They do ok damage and a good one isn't too bad to use even in PvP. I think a bump to their pve damage of 10% will greatly improve their usability without changing it all that much. Also please make more 720s, we don't have any new ones and haven't gotten any new ones besides misfit. No exotics either. 360s are also in a pretty ok place. I think they should be more controllable on console...but that's not my concern as of right now. I think a 10% buff to keep its current position in line with the others would be the best idea. Otherwise...not much else is needed besides actually farmable ones that aren't raid drops or gunsmith weapons. Perks on autos that could use a buff: High-impact reserves is absolute garbage. I don't really know what the damage bonus it gives is, but it's so terrible that I legitimately have no reason to use it, this applies to suros as well because it REALLY sucks in pve...not that it's designed for pve...but still. Under pressure is actually pretty ok, but I would like if it activated a bit more quickly in the magazine. This applies to dynamic sway reduction too and I would like to see a tweak to make these perks more valuable. Tap the trigger could last a tiny bit longer as well, but it's bonuses are already good enough. Just a slight duration increase. Exotic autos could use some tweaks as well but a lot of exotics do so I won't do too much more to make this post long as hell. Thanks for reading this if you did.

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