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7/20/2019 10:47:25 PM

Fix mercury add additional patrol zone

MERCURY is by far the worst planet on destiny. No body enjoys going there. the patrol zones Redick small you cant call up your sparrow and its baren as idk what. The infint forst.... well.... ugh... buff said. Even with the cool things you have done with the infint forest on holiday events. That still leaves the planet feeling flat for the rest of the time. Boaring and really enjoyable at least for me and mine. Why not add a pleauge sized addition to the planet. A new patrol zone that opens up beneath the planet . Some where build with sparrows and exploration in mind. With more of a futuristic vibe to it. And a more d1 style mysterious feel. More hidden secrets and lore. It would be easy anuff to do. Story wise. This could be a reason to reintroduce orsius. Most people where not happy about the dlc. And having such a lengeadry gurdian. Pop up for a few story missions and then disappear back into nothing. This new patrol space could be a way for gurdians to interact more with him, get more lore , and more understanding on him and what's going on in the infinite forest and with the vex. it could even be a way to introduce more of his followers. Brother Vance is super annoying at this point and played out. Maybe introduce a new female follower with more personality. Mercury is missing that d1 light house feel of wounder and mystery. And every planet needs a big patrol zone. Thatd end game for some people. Heck for everyone really. Because even if your a raider, or a try hard pvp head. Your always forced to replay these old areas to level up and do bounties ect. So the bigger the patrol zone, the more flushed out, the more diffrent kinds of secrets and events. The more you design patrol zones and play spaces with more in mind then runing and shooting thr better then game as a whole and defintly the end game and longevity will be. Put sparrow jumps I mean huge jumps, under ground speed ways, or free ways and hidden sparrow back routes. Loops and f zero like speed strips. Add secrets to each planet that chnage through out the seasons. Mystery and random enemies that pop up. That you dont just run and chase down. That you have to really hunt down to find. Like in a mmo or rpg. And give those enemys more then bounties let them drop lore, special weapons and armor. Anyway I'm getting a little of topic. Mercury could be would be alot more playable if you added a good sized second patrol zone. Maybe with one of the content drops in the new seasons next year. for instance we are getting the moon. And then if you dropped a second patrol zone on mercury like you did with the taken king and phobos, . Or the plague lands and the comsadrom. It would go add alot more to the end game replayability then just one new area.

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