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7/18/2019 10:08:57 AM

*IS* there a fix for PVP matchmaking? (long read, sorry)

I think it's fair to say that a lot of the posts about PVP recently have been expressing frustration with the PVP experience, and usually with some aspects of matchmaking. Broadly these break down into "matching solo vs. a team is unfair", "matching vs a higher valour / glory is unfair", "matching vs. a hard core sweat with pinnacle weapons is unfair", "stop penalising when a player leaves", "don't start games without full teams" and related complaints about exploits, carries, recovs etc. It's important to bear in mind when considering fixes that they have side-effects and related costs, and there is a finite pool of players queueing at any one time and over all. That pool probably breaks down into an overwhelming majority of solo queuers , with diminishing numbers of team queuers until you get to 6 stacks. I suspect there might be greater numbers of 3s, than 2s. Bungie will have the numbers, I don't unfortunately. [u]"Matching solo vs a team is unfair"[/u] This is a common complaint, and doubtless justified to a degree. A team on comms has a competitive advantage over solo players of the same level. What are the fixes? The most obvious would seem to be reflective matchmaking. Only match equally sized fireteams. This as a fix has 3 costs / considerations (mostly related to the player volume mentioned above). The larger the fireteams, the smaller number of available opponents. Further, since skill levels (or at least valour / glory) would be variable within that pool, the available opponents number decreases even further. This would result in extended queue times or matching the same opponents over and over. This is obviously problematic as it discourages social play in a game with team an clan mechanics. Further; to be totally fair (and avoid the related complaints) matchmaking would have to be entirely reflective - no 3 stacks vs a 2 and a blueberry. Again this is limiting available opponents, increasing queue times etc. Is this workable? Probably not without combining all game regions. This has connectivity impacts. Could reflective matchmaking be made to work in another way? Again this is a numbers and feedback question, but maybe an arbitrary modifier could be applied based on fireteam size - the larger the team, the larger the implied competitive advantage and therefore the larger the secret modifier. 6 stacks could then be matched with solos, but of a higher "skill" level to compensate. This addresses some of the issues, but again might have some cooling effects on social play. Reflective matchmaking is therefore possible, but not without its problems. If implemented, the forums might transform into "I waited 45 minutes for a QUICKplay game!" complaints. Bungie will have the numbers, and free of Blizzactivision may be able to implement changes based on their statistical models. [u]"matching vs a higher tier is unfair" [/u] Another complaint that's justifiable. Again likely numbers based. This one possibly touches on "streaking" as well as player perception. It's entirely possible that matchmaking will take note of recent performance and streaks and pitch you into easier games to arrest the downward spiral and keep you interested in and positive about crucible play. This benefits all players equally in principle, and it's probable that players won't even notice when they've profited by it, only when it's negatively impacted them. What's the fix? I'm not sure this needs fixing. It's another numbers question so has the same queue time disadvantages as above (although to a lesser degree). If I'm right on my supposition on streaks, then again Bungie will have figures on streaking amelioration and retention. Possibly being transparent if this is occurring would help the player base understand they benefit as often as their opponents do. [u]"matching vs a hard core sweat with pinnacle weapons is unfair" [/u] I don't know that this can be justified as a complaint. Everyone has the opportunity to earn pinnacle weapons. Once earned, limiting players to a select pool seems extremely restrictive. Certainly it would put a disincentive on to earning them. Facing against a well-equipped skillful player is harder, but every player will be trying to run an optimal/meta load out, so every player will likely benefit to a greater or lesser degree from equipment considerations. Unfortunately in this specific instance (and bear in mind I'm a mediocre PVP player) I think the answer has to be "git gud". Earn the pinnacle weapon yourself, level the playing field. I certainly wouldn't like to see "gear tier" matchmaking restricting players. [u]"stop penalising players when a team mate leaves" [/u] This is a tough one and almost impossible to resolve I think. If the loss penalty was removed, clearly in the event a team is about to lose, someone will bail to prevent that loss. Effectively it would become impossible to lose. This has the net effect of reducing the real impact of winning (since opponents ratings will be changing less). Possibly penalising players who leave early more harshly could be considered, but this would target those with network problems (including those being DoSed). I can't see a fair way to address this one. Suggestions welcomed. [u]"don't start games without full teams" [/u] This is related to the above issue and also to complaints about joining games in progress. I think it's fair to say that full games should be the aim. I'd be interested in seeing numbers on how much delay would be introduced to queues by limiting to full teams. [u]exploits/carries/recovs[/u] Since this is an account abuse issue, to a certain extent the onus is on the player base to report and importantly provide evidence for bungie to act. If the players want a tougher attitude from admins, there has to be an understanding that there may be false positives, and the unbanning process will likely be onerous. To conclude: PVP matchmaking can be changed. Whether those changes result in a more positive experience across the whole is questionable. Plainly, from the volume of complaints on the forums it's an important issue. If I had to make a recommendation it would be this: wait until after Shadowkeep. Wait until Bungie are on a new platform and fully in control of their own systems. Wait for Bungie to announce what changes (if any) are coming to PVP. Importantly - don't stop providing [i]constructive[/i] feedback on PVP now, since there's an opportunity to improve it for Shadowkeep. Hopefully Bungie can then reciprocate with transparency about any changes or not and the justifications for either. Thanks for reading this, Guardian. May Shaxx's shiny dome guide you forever forward.

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