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Crucible Matchmaking

So first off, I'd like to say that Crucible is the best it has been in a long time. Only problems are super resilience and the sweaty 6 stacks who LFG just to farm QP. Kinda ruins it for a lot of other people. If players want to LFG a team that's all meta abusing 2.0 K/D players, that's fine. Just put them against another team that's going the same thing. Let's get some team based matchmaking in here. Get teams together, evaluate overall skill, place that team against another that's similar. That way there's highs and lows in every normal QP match, and the LFG guys looking to "Mercy Farm QP. 2.0+ K/D Checking Stats" can be matched against teams with the same mentality. With this system, there will always be "highs" and "lows" on every team, but with strict enough criteria and team rebalancing BEFORE matches start, the lows hopefully would never be so low they can't compete and the highs will never be completely obliterating the lobby. Also, this system avoids the dilemma of SBMM. Below average players can use whatever they want in a SBMM setting and compete, whereas above average players see only the meta, sweaty teams, and nothing but the meta. They then feel trapped in to loadouts and can't really just sit back in QP anymore. This leads to a very stressful environment for them. The exact opposite is true with CBMM for both sides. Below average players find themselves struggling while above average players flourish. This all leads to half the community wanting SBMM and the other half wanting CBMM. Choosing either solution favors one chunk of the community over another, which shouldn't happen. With the hybridized version of team based matchmaking I mentioned earlier, it is kind of a middle ground. The system makes teams, evaluates their overall skill levels as a team, finds a match, and then removes or rearranges outliers to make a more even experience. It's somewhat similar to what we have now (you'll notice that the best players usually have subpar teammates), except those ingerently going against the system and forming an LFG super stack find themselves no longer able to farm like they wanted. If they want to make a "2.5 K/D or Kick Checking Stats" team on LFG, they better be prepared to take one on. Also, if this works, maybe more casual players will enter PvP. This will lead to a healthier pool of players for the matchmaking system, making outliers in games less and less common. I think this will be a nice step in the right direction for Crucible. Let me know what you think!

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