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7/11/2019 1:14:57 PM

Bungie I´m serious - You need 2 unlock Juju right now

Let me start with an example. Wendigo. I did it the legit way. All that you ask us for - I did it the legit way. No cheesin' , nothing. I am a husband and family father of two beautiful children. I started playing Destiny since D1 beta. Hell I played Halo when it first came out. On Tuesday I started the Juju quest. I invested all shards and materials I had. Stupid as I am it was allready too late to realise I could stack the discount BS on Calusses turtle face. I didn´t realice. So I did spend my hard earned materials - sadly/stupidly. My fault right? Yap, I agree. Well, today I had the pleasure to read a beautiful CHEESE post on reddit. Get your Free Juju "HERE" , want also the Catalyst? Well, fck get it "HERE" just do this, than switch character, bla bla, switch back - there you go... This is so demoralizing. Not only did I wast all my ressources but also wasted the time I invested in this game. Playing a game and get rewarded ist fun. Grinding the shit out of something is not. Especially if you have basically no free time and other responsibilities. Let´s call them Family. Yes I love them but also I as a basic human beeing still want to be me. At least a little bit. Yes I am in the mid 30s. Yes I married. Yes I bought a house. Yes we made children. All my decissions I know I´m aware BUT it is also my decission to play your game. To support you and this community, the content creators etc. I decided to skip games like GoW, RDR2, AC etc. because I chose Destiny over those games. Destiny is time consuming - I know. I invest. So it is YOUR responsibility to protect people like me who play and support your game the legit way although you had more downs than ups in Destinys life cycle. Why do I still play the game you ask? Well, I like to see the positive things. I believe this game has potential. I´m a believer. Still you manage to disappoint your core gamers. How come this kind of cheese is still possible? Over and over again. Want Outbreak Prime? "Yo, you two go in while I cheese in the orbit" DING; "Yo, you want infinite supers? well start your super then go into the mission and switch gears. Easy right?" DING ; "Yo, you want to open that chest over and over again? Just leave the area and come back. DING ; "Shut the fck up Drifter. I'm not in the mood. I have a city to burn because it´s not "breathtaking" what is happening right now! Where are my weekly gifts anyway. I did choose you over Zavala. How am I going to explain him this backstabbing mess?" Everybody is going to rock the Free Juju now. Everybody but all the honest Guardians out there who dared to play the legit way and opened those god damn doors. My face is tired Bungie... My face is tired...

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