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Is the Trappist system destroyed in the Almighty cinematic?

[b]Preface [/b] Although astronomy is not my area of expertise, I hope I did my best to interpret the observations made on the Almighty cinematic with the aid of web resources from major astronomy organisations and news websites. I have provided a link below to the video ‘What’s the Significance of Trappist-1’ for background on the Trappist system. Thank you for taking the time to read this post and hope this topic will promote interest in exoplanet discoveries and Astrobiology. [b]Introduction [/b] I have found plausible evidence that strongly hints at the Trappist system being destroyed in the introductory Almighty cinematic unlocked upon completing the ‘Utopia’ story mission. The Trappist system, which is named after the TRAPPIST telescope, is a star system located around 40-light years away from Earth in the Aquarius constellation [1]. As far as we know, the system consists of an ultracool red dwarf star (designated as TRAPPIST-1/1a) orbited by seven terrestrial-sized exoplanets [1] (possible number seven reference). The basis of this theory comes from the second statement in the lore entry of the ‘Dunemarchers’ exotic leg armor which reads as follows: [quote]2: Word has reached us of the [untranslateable] [b]Ghaul's assault on the Trappist system. [/b]Death to warlords! [2] [/quote] [b]Proximity of the planets (Deleted Scene) [/b] Interestingly, if we view a deleted cinematic shot from the Destiny 2 trailers ‘Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer’ at part 2:26 or ‘Meet Ghaul’ at part 0:25, we can observe the destruction of two planets near each other! This depiction is a very significant finding because the exoplanets are close to the Trappist star as indicated by their low ‘Distance to Star’ values listed in the Trappist-1 planet lineup with the farthest planet only 9 million kilometres away. Now imagine standing on the surface of a Trappist planet and beholding other planets sometimes looming larger than our moon in the sky instead of tiny dots of light unlike Venus or Mars [3]. These imaginations are a direct inspiration for the drawings in the Trappist-1e travel poster. If this theory is confirmed, then sadly we won’t ever get to experience seeing these spectacular skyboxes in the game’s future unless the Vex manage to simulate these worlds. Despite the change made to the cutscene, it is unlikely that the star system was altered from the trailers because most of the cinematic shots overall remain the same. It is worth noting that the exoplanets won’t always appear together possibly due to short orbital periods where a year is equivalent to a few days. Hopefully, Bungie can clarify the reasons behind the differences in portraying the planetary destruction. [b]Presence of an Earth-like homeworld [/b] After the star explodes, the presence of an earth-like homeworld could be another evidence that it is the Trappist system because the densities measured for the exoplanets indicate that they are likely rocky and could potentially host liquid water [1]. The homeworld could be either one of the three exoplanets (TRAPPIST-1e, f and g) as they are theorised to occupy the habitable or goldilocks zone meaning their stellar distances could be appropriate for the existence of surface liquid water to support life [1]. It would make for an amazing sci-fi setting if distinct alien races inhabit each of the three planets and these races could gaze each other’s homeworld in the sky while battling the Red Legion. In the future, the successful launch of NASA’s James Webb telescope will help scientists to yield better and hopefully optimistic results regarding the habitability of these worlds allowing for a more accurate portrayal of the Trappist homeworld’s biosphere. [b]Location of the destroyed star [/b] The Trappist star being around 40-light years away from Earth could reasonably be far enough to fit with the camera zoom-out distance from the destroyed star to Earth at part 1:40 – 1:44 of the cinematic. For the sake of comparison, I have included a link to the video ‘Travelling from Earth to TRAPPIST-1’. [b]Possible reaction to the Almighty’s deployment [/b] The “Death to Warlords!” chant is uttered by Cabal dissidents to condemn the Red Legion’s hostile actions in the Trappist system. Thus, this chant could provide clues as to the outcome of the Trappist system assault. However, it is still unclear whether the chant is a direct reaction to the Red Legion’s plans to annihilate the system as they won’t necessarily destroy a system during subjugation unless they encounter overwhelming resistance. The label “Warlords” likely applies to Ghaul and the Red Legion since Ghaul inaugurated as Emperor, the Cabal reverted to militarism and began ruthlessly conquering many worlds. Not to mention, Ghaul is described as a 15-foot tall Cabal Warlord [4]. [b]Conclusion [/b] In conclusion, it is very plausible that the Trappist system is being destroyed in the cinematic and overall, confirmation of this theory is needed. The confirmation could come from future content or Bungie’s explanation of the change. Regardless of the system’s fate, it is an exciting prospect for the lore potential in the Trappist system to be explored including background on the native species and their homeworld, and stories of their conflict with the Red Legion. The annihilation of the Trappist system and others of a similar nature spells an unimaginable catastrophe for life in the universe considering the system’s rare ability to host a star with a long lifespan in addition to the largest number of potentially habitable planets. Unfortunately, the system will no longer be the closest sanctuary for humanity’s citizens in anticipation of the forthcoming Collapse as we could form alliances with the natives and gain their favour after winning the Red War. I kindly appreciate hearing your thoughts and feedback on this topic. [b]TL;DR/Summary[/b] There is plausible evidence that the Trappist system is being destroyed in the introductory Almighty cinematic. Reasons include the Trappist system attacked by Ghaul, proximity of the planets as originally depicted in the trailers ‘Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer’ or ‘Meet Ghaul’, evidence of an earth-like homeworld and the system being 40 light-years away. However, the theory is still unconfirmed because it is unknown whether the “Death to Warlords!” chant is a direct reaction to the Red Legion’s deployment of the Almighty in the Trappist system. Confirmation of this theory could either come from future content or Bungie as they might provide an explanation regarding the change made to depicting the planetary destruction in the cinematic. [b]Web Resources: - [/b] 1. ESO article on Trappist system discovery: 2. Dunemarchers lore entry: 3. article on life in the Trappist system: 4. Dominus Ghaul wiki article: [b]Video Links: - [/b] 1. What’s the Significance of Trappist-1? by Second Thought: 2. Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer (Skip to 2:26), by Bungie: 3. Meet Ghaul Trailer (Skip to 0:25), by Bungie: 4. Travelling from Earth to Trappist-1, by ESO: [b]Image Links: -[/b] 1. Trappist-1 2018 planet lineup infographic (Note: Planet appearances are theoretical and not actual), by NASA: 2. Trappist-1e travel poster, by NASA: 3. Trappist-1 exoplanet illustration, by NASA: 4. Comparison between Trappist-1 system and Solar System planetary bodies, by ESO:
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