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We want more of Shaxx!

There are so many lovable characters in Destiny 2 and with the release of Forsaken, we all felt the loss of Cadye-6, the favorite for many of us. But then there's Shaxx. Another crowd favorite in the community. One with so much character and personality yet there's hardly anything aside from the crucible that Shaxx is involved in. Shouldn't such a popular character with so much potential have even more interactions beyond just narrating the crucible? Getting to the point, myself, and many others in the Destiny 2 community want to see Shaxx in more interactions, events, etc. We want to see cut-scenes where he's talking to our guardian or leading/narrating a mission etc. I have a few basic ideas I feel he could very easily fit into for future Destiny 2 content. 1. The coolest thing, next to a whole Shaxx DLC, would be if Shaxx were to get a season centered around him, like the season of the drifter. Something where Shaxx needs our guardian's help. Maybe he's recently discovered something horrible, or maybe its something from his past, etc. Something with cut-scenes and Shaxx narration that lets us get to know the character more and further relate. 2. Something smaller but almost as equally cool would be if Shaxx had story based Exotic quests. Maybe an old weapon Shaxx left behind in the old tower, or a weapon he needs us to help him forge, or something like that. 3. Another idea would be if Shaxx, being a legendary titan, ran something more serious for the sake of the tower. The crucible, while epic, fun, and featuring alot of Shaxx narration, is truly only a training exercise for guardians in lore. It would be awesome if he also lead something else, like black-ops strikes, or maybe a new activity like "Warzone" or "Front Lines" where our guardians travel to the front lines with Shaxx's Red-Jacks and fight in large PVE battles. Something like 10+ guardians fighting against cabal or whatever threat with various objectives and such. This would not only be really fun, but be something that, from a lore point of view, would be showing us Shaxx's role in defending the tower from humanity's many enemies. 4. Taking the above idea and shrinking it to a smaller idea, would be to simply have strikes or night-falls that are Shaxx themed where he is the leader and narrator. Could be something like: Shaxx's redjacks have encountered something on the battlefield that you need to investigate, or maybe they just need guardian assistance. 5. Another idea I found on reddit. It would be if there was a crucible map debut system. Where Shaxx has discovered an area that would be good for a Crucible map, and he needs us to go in a clear out any enemies that are there before it can be set up. Then, once that mission is complete, the map joins the crucible rotation. Or similarly, maybe every time a new Crucible map is announced, this same type of mission must be run before it enters the map pool. Here's the link to the post: 6. A whole Shaxx themed DLC? :O (Now this would be epic) In conclusion, I think we can all agree that seeing the character Shaxx fleshed out more in some form similar to the above ideas would be awesome. With Cadye-6 being gone, for some of us, he's our new No.1 and are very eager to see stories based around him. Thank you for reading this brick wall of text lol. If you agree Shaxx should have more presence in Destiny 2, lets let everyone know!

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