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7/9/2019 1:47:32 PM

Enough with the questions, more weight! old

The Dawnblade and Striker nodes are backwards.

One tree of Dawnblade has better tracking AND regenerates super energy on kills. One tree of Striker gets 85% less super energy cost on light attack AND regenerates super energy on kills. This is backwards. If the super regenerates energy on a kill, it should cost a lot to commit to the attack, be it a lot of super energy or actually having to aim. But that’s not the case with these two supers, so we see a massive use of bottom tree Striker and bottom tree Dawnblade. Ridiculously long supers in the Crucible if you keep getting kills, which with enhanced tracking and high mobility on Dawnblade, and a constant light attack spam with Striker, isn’t that hard. The reason I bring this up isn’t just because I dislike getting killed by these supers (I don’t think Dawnblade is as much a pain in the ass as Striker) but I am sick of having no reason to use the top tree. Top tree Striker is only good for Shoulder Charge, and top tree Dawnblade is only good for Icarus Dash. My suggestion would be that bottom tree Striker retain its 85% decreased light attack super energy consumption, but top tree gain the super energy return on kills instead. Also, the amount of super regained should be dependent on the number of enemies killed in one attack, so since top tree Striker focuses majorly on the heavy attack this would be beneficial to top tree in PvP and PvE while also reigning in bottom tree in PvP and not hurting its PvE potential too much. Same treatment for Dawnblade. Top tree should gain better tracking for projectiles, while bottom tree loses it but retains the super energy regen on kills. It would make top tree viable in PvP and PvE to a degree, while reigning in bottom tree in PvP and not hurting it too much in PvE. Food for thought.

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