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The Logs of Giant-1: Chapter 3

[i] I regained consciousness on a small cot inside of a room I didn’t recognize. The pain I felt earlier had diminished into a dull ache, but would return if I moved an inch, so I remained still. I managed to turn my head sideways to check my surroundings. It was not a small room, but it didn’t have many furnishings, only containing a sink, a small desk, a weapon rack, and nightstand next to my bed. Lying on the desk opposite the bed, I saw Echo. He wasn’t moving, but he had a faint glow in his one eye, so I comforted myself in the fact that he was safe. I closed my eyes and went to sleep, exhausted beyond comprehension. I awoke to the sound of someone using a welder next to my bed. I turned and saw a figure with it’s back turned to me, and working with something on the desk. “Hey...” I said as loud as I could muster, “don’t....touch....him...” The figure turned around, a helmet obscuring the face, and replied, “Rise and shine, Tinny. Your little Light is fine.” Echo then flew into my field of view, his frame still damaged from the crash. “You alright?” I sat up in my bed. “Better than I was.” I said, as I turned to the stranger. “Who are you?” The stranger took off the helmet and revealed the face of an Awoken woman, a corsair judging by her attire. She bore various white markings on her shimmering blue face, with fiery orange hair tied up in a small bun as to not get in the way. “My name is Ashla Mira, and your little light says your name’s Giant.” She turned around and grabbed the object she was welding. “Here.” She tossed an arm made of scavenged Fallen prosthetics. “It’s the best I can do.” She got up and grabbed her rifle from the weapon rack and started cleaning it. “You saved my life.” I said. “It was nothing. You guardians would’ve done the same for me.” I looked off to the side. “Not anymore.” “Why?” “The City has fallen. The traveler’s light stolen, and the guardians....” I held my face in my hands in grief. “...massacred...” We sat there in silence for a while, when all of a sudden a proximity sensor went off from outside the room. “Looks as if the Fallen are back,” Ashla said, arming her rifle, “I’ll be right back.” “I’m coming too.” I said, staggering to my feet. “You’re injured,” she protested. “You’re in no condition to fight.” “I can still shoot.” She grinned, and tossed me a hand cannon from the weapons rack. “Alright then, tough guy. Follow me.”[/i] ——————————————————— [url=]Previous Chapter[/url] [url=]Index[/url]

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