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6/19/2019 8:27:59 PM

Let's brainstorm Nightfall ideas

Alright, I made a separate post about adding to/improving on the core Destiny experience vs adding new/experimental modes seasonally. This us a follow-up meant to elaborate on a specific idea I've just had. [b]NIGHTFALLS[/b]: You know em, I know em. Nightfalls used to be (in D1 mind you) a challenging end-game version of a otherwise standard strike. However as of late (if not simply for a long time now) they have just become another increasingly stale weekly activity. Not very hard, not very interesting, just tedious or meh- ESPECIALLY due to the lack of new strikes. All that being said the Nightfall is a simple but good concept, however I'll admit I feel like the Nightfalls have ALWAYS lacked something- individuality, something that makes it differ from the regular strikes. You guys recall how in the 'Tree of probabilities' strike within the infinite Forest had that sorta boss fake-out moment? When an unexpected boss shows up before the actual strike boss swoops in and kills it? Also back towards the end of D1 they released a reprised version of a vanilla strike with a Taken boss and enemies instead of the standard Fallen. Also in RoI they made a bunch of reprised SIVA variants of old strikes. I think it'd be MUCH more interesting, if this is how NightFalls worked in general. What if the Nightfall wasn't just a amped-up strike but a distinct variant of the standard strikes? Obviously I know all the things I'm about to suggest would be difficult to implement now, but I think working on this vs new strikes wouldn't have a great payout, or at least be something to keep in mind for D3. In a perfect world all the strikes moving forward would come with a NF variant built-in. Anyhow, they are called NightFalls, so for starters why not them all actually take-place under the cover of darkness? Even better all start off at dusk and have the skybox darken as you progress? I know this sounds trivial and wouldn't exactly work with certain areas/planets but its just a starting idea. What if the NF are all 'intended' to be the strike they appear to be- but then something occurs. Perhaps for instance in the lake-of-Shadows you stumble upon a massive Fallen siege on the local Taken, trying to drive them out? This would first explain the tougher-than-normal enemies as they are trying to flush them out, but also be interesting to see. Imagine running into the same room you've cleared dozens of times in the strike-playlist just for a wall to blast open, killing the standard enemies as a alternate enemy force to come pouring in and taking things over? How about instead of 'oh there are X-enemy here instead' you hear Zavala make an emergency order for you to pull-out as a massive enemy attack ensues in the midst of your otherwise normally-plannes strike? What if similar to Spire-of-Stars, you enter the boss-room to see the leader of this 'unexpected assault' fighting/killing the standard boss? Better yet, what if this was used to tease upcoming content? Imagine we didn't KNOW Skolas (and the other enemies in ShadowKeep) was coming back and you just see his ass about to off the normal strike-boss, only to look at you and flee? This way you could have some NF bosses be entirely different bosses for some strikes- OR you see the standard boss pull through and drive-out the invading enemies, and now you fight good old Baracus Zhan but he's pissed off and forced to use his newest experimental weapon? This is just a specific example, but what I'm suggesting is that some strikes could have suprise NF endings- but consistently always throw something different from the standard strike at you. Maybe you still fight the same boss at the end of one NF but because of circumstances they are utilizing different mechanics and attacks, effectively making it a different boss FIGHT? Or for a other NF you get a new boss entierly. I'm sorry if this idea seems a tad convoluted, but I'll attempt to clarify if anyone wants. That and brainstorming ideas with anyone interested. [b]TLDR[/b]: Make NFs difficult, alternate-takes on standard strikes. Have different enemies or alternate set of events occur throughout the strike. Maybe make all NFs have a night/darker visual effect active to signify this is the NF and not your normal strike. End the strikes with new/alternate bosses AND/or present an altered version of the standard boss whom is using different weapons/mechanics. Pepper in alternate dialogue as well to really emphasize things 'aren't going according to plan' and emphasize how dangerous/abnormal the situation is.

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