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A new look onto the enhancement core dilemma

Before we start this conversation: No, I'm not here to "point out how much the system sucks" or "to defend Bungie out of principle". This post is mainly about user health condition in regards to the core dilemma. So, let's get started... First off, the initial motivation of this post came up while I have read [url=]this article (before you click, this news article is in german. You can try to read it in addition of google translate or other translation services)[/url] While the topic of this article (gambling) is not the main topic for us here, there was a part in the article which got my attention for this post. The article writer speaks about something called "gamebounding factors" for players. This means game mechanics/concepts which build on systems like seasons, events and time limited exclusive items which do player force to play, even if the game isn't fun for the user or unhealthy because of the time without breaks in front of the platform device. Now you maybe ask "how does this appear in the enhancement core dilemma?"... To be clear, it isn't that visible at first for everyone, but there is a connection between both topics. Before season of opulence started and we got a small QoL update with banshee's bounties for cores, players mostly suffer in case cores unless they spent [b]very much time ingame grinding for items rewarding cores[/b]. This time investment lowered itself abit with the start of the opulence season, but is still for many very high. Now I don't say that people do only focus on the game and leaving out their families and friends but they do spend very much time only with one task: [b]grinding cores[/b]. At this point I want to remember that in this post I won't try to defend nor go against the enhancement cores. My intention here is to bring up a solution, good for both sides of players (casuals AND hardcore players). The main issue for the most with cores is, that [b]they are tied to infusion[/b]. While I see no issue with them being tied to infusion, [u]I do see an issue within the balance between the sources and the amount of infusion upgrades.[/u] To make this abit more clear, let's head back to D1 with our memories. In D1 infusion required 4 materials: weapon parts/armor materials, glimmer, legendary marks and motes of light. In D2 we have in principle the same amount of resources we need to upgrade a weapon/armor piece. In fact both systems do work differently. The reason? Enhancement cores are far more rare than motes of light, because the cores are used for infusion AND masterworking at the same time. In general this core usage wouldn't be a problem, if we would have alot of cores in general. But that's not the case for the majority. The majority grinds their ass off for something they can not use in the same relation like the invested time ingame. And because of that the system feels unfair. Because of this unfair trait they feel not respected and betrayed. Such feelings do hurt the mental health of a person and we all know that the mental health of a person has influence on other parts of our life. We don't want to make people sick by playing games. That's something noone wants. So here are my solutions to fix this problem for both sides without breaking their interests overall and solving this mental health problem here. Keep in mind, both sides have their main goals: The casuals want the cores to not affect the infusion that badly, while the hardcore players want still grind in this game. So, let's head to my 3 solutions: [quote]- [b]Keeping the cores, but changing the economy[/b] [i]In this solution, Bungie makes cores more accessible one again for all. This can be done by either reducing the core cost in infusion itself or removing the doubled costs at spiders inventory. Also adding 2 more bounties to banshee's inventory will help here. [/i] - [b]Keeping the cores, generalization of the core sources, but also higher masterworking costs[/b] [i]In this solution Bungie makes cores a general reward for either completing regular activities or through level ups (like motes in D1) while doubling the costs of masterworking gear to keep the "important choice making" still value. Remember, the crowd want cores to be less important for infusion, not masterworking. Hardcore players will get more cores overall but have also to spend more for masterworking their wide inventory of items.[/i] - [b]Removing cores from infusion, but adding motes of light back as infusion currency[/b] [i]In this solution Bungie removes enhancement cores from Infusion only to make them again as masterwork currency while introducing back [b]motes of light[/b] as infusion currency which can be achieved through level ups, chest rewards, trading at Xûr/Spider (no doubled costs) and dismantling gear. This solution is in my opinion the best choice.[/i][/quote] Now, after you read all this, I would like to know what you community guys and the workers at Bungie think. Please keep in mind, that we are all human beings. Respect each other in conversations or you will fail to find a solution for the problem you're speaking about. Have a nice week :)

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