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6/11/2019 6:42:20 PM

One Game. One Destiny. Boom. New Idea. (probably not actually a new idea)

I want to start out by saying that I've been with Destiny since the Beta. Am I an alpha? No, those guys are the real OG. The objective with this post is to get across what I want (obviously). And this is my opinion, and I think it would be awesome. However, keep in-mind that this is a desire. Not something I've though about for 3 years, 4 months, 62 days, 5 hours, and 24 minutes. So some things may not work, I don't know. Okay? Okay. I LOVE Destiny. As an IP. As a World. As a Game. Destiny is as important to me as Star Wars is. And thats saying something. Destiny will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart. I've been playing since the OG Loot Cave and that turd (not so much anymore) Cryptarch, Rahool, that gave me a Uncommon for my 1st Exotic Engram. Not cool man, not cool. What I would absolutely love to see is a single Destiny game that includes everything in the future. ALL the story. ALL the content (I mean, c'mon, who DOESN'T want to do VoG or Crota 10 years later?). Can you go back and do it now? Why yes, yes you can. But I'll be honest, my PS4 has DEFINITELY seen better days. Thing makes ALL the weird noises. I don't want for the Destiny Universe to be over (maybe you guys moved on to a new IP or something) and I NOT be able to run through the VoG on the PC. I want a single game (towards the end of the Destiny Timeline, not now, but in the future) that will let me play VoG while running Destiny 3/4/5 story content the next day. Not only would that be SUPER convenient, but it would allow the Story building to progress in a GREAT way. For example, the feats and reputation we earned in the Original Destiny, would carry over and I would feel like I am actually someone unlike when I switched from PS4 to PC for Destiny 2. When I switched, I just felt like some random Guardian that was on Patrol. I mean, I know you guys had that whole Tribute thing in Destiny 2 for consoles and stuff, and had to account for new people but with this whole "One Game, One Destiny" idea that is definitely not original (i didn't take this from someone, I just know I'm not the 1st to think about it) we could alleviate that problem. I mean, the whole line "That was a Fallen! They worship machines/" when we first meet Fallen in Destiny 2 made me feel fresh off the boat and also confused as to who my character was exactly. I went into it thinking I was still the big God Slayer I was in Destiny 1. Big Boi sad face right there. But if we have 1 big game, then, like i said above, the Story will be able to have much more interconnected story line (as long as you guys tweak the game to do so) and the player will actually feel like this Big Boi God Killer that has killed more than just Crota and Oryx. Except the Exo Stranger (RIP Most important story). Or, you could add more Exo Stranger. Up to you guys. Will this thing be a PAIN to download? Why yes. Yes it will. Will I need to buy a bigger SSD/HDD for it by it self? Definitely. Will the price of not only the game, but new hardware be worth it? I believe it will.I will not only buy the game, but I will sit through however long it takes to download. (Sunless Cell is one of THE best strikes IMO). Will it be SO much fun? Heck yeah it will. VoG, Crotas End, Kings Fall, Wrath of the Machine. A lot of History in those Raids, I just hope it doesn't stay History. Also, on a side note. Can't wait to see what you guys do now that Activision is out of the way and you guys have FULL creative rights. Keep up the good work and PLEASE continue to have fun with your fans. A company that has fun and enjoys the fans and listens to them, is a BEACON in my books. May the Traveler Light Your Path, Guardian Out.

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