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Rivensbane, 1K Voices, & Wish Wall BS

Id like to start by saying that I have my Rivensbane and I'm still disgusted with the drop rate of the 1K and the overall flaw of this raid. Husband and I conquered Petras Run together. I got to pop my shiny new Rivenabane seal. He didn't. The only thing holding him back is, you guessed it, the 1K. Its pretty disheartening to have worked on this seal together and we can't have it together, even though we EARNED it together, solely because of RNG. Every week we do 3 keys for him AND we sherpa a full run for a newbie in the clan. The newbie gets it. Everytime. Its a running joke at this point. (I'm CONVINCED that there is an algorithm to this). Except the joke isn't funny anymore. We know this no-effort 'guardian' who's NEVER done a full start to finish Last Wish [b]and he got the 1k from just farming keys every week[/b]. [b]Not a SINGLE start to finish Last Wish run.[/b] (We tried to sherpa/teach him and he gave up half way through). Meanwhile, my husband sherpas and helps out where he can and still can't get it to drop. That's just ONE example. I don't care if you're that newbie who got it on their first run. If you completed the entire raid, you're good in my book. However, Bungies system is extremely broken and flawed. [b]First: There should have been a stipulation on the Wish Wall. You can't wish to any checkpoints until you have completed AT LEASE ONE FULL Last Wish run, or have reached that specific checkpoint. (Ex: You and your team make it to Vault, but the week ends. Next week, you can wish UP TO the Vault encounter). Isn't that how most games work? Can't go to a checkpoint you haven't reached yet? What other game or raid do you know of where you can just WISH to the boss without ever getting up to it first?[/b] [b]Second: Petras Run should have rewarded the 1K upon completion and popping the triumph. Period. Its horseshit that there are people who haven't even done a full Last Wish and are running around with the 1K, but the guy who's done a Petras can't get it. Complete BS BUNGO. [/b] I know there are many of you out there who are in the same boat and I feel terrible for you all. You worked so hard and have nothing to show for it, meanwhile people no-effort their way through and get it. I doubt Bungie will do anything about it, but let's hope that in the future this BS doesn't happen again. Good luck to everyone still struggling to get it. It must be really discouraging for Destiny veterans and sherpas like my husband who keep getting shafted left and right. [spoiler]I love Destiny as a game and as a story, but EFF YOU BUNGIE.[/spoiler]

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