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Season 7: Great Highs, some very lows.

So Season 7 brought us some great content to grind for such as the Menagerie. I enjoyed that quite a lot and plus we seem to have a steady trickle of content to be ready for. The chalice was a very well done and executed object, I am very pleased with the fact we can customize our rewards. What also has been well executed and received is the much awaited change that the Vanguard Strikes weekly milestone now requires your subclass to match the burn instead of praying that randos are using the same subclass. But with all this some annoying and distressing things: [b]1. Pursuits tab[/b], It's a lot more clunky now such as being hard to navigate because everything is so cluttered and it's so...large. Now that small text snippets are included with the actual pursuits it's taking up even more space. [b]2. Lackluster Pinnacles[/b], an example of a huge disappointment is the Wendigo grenade launcher (Vanguard Pinnacle). The Wendigo is a gun that requires a tremendous grind, the first ever PVE Pinnacle to have a progress impeding element. Now the grind is not the problem (it's why it's pinnacle status) the problem is the fact that the 'coveted' perk is very specific and only activates under certain circumstances, so you grinded for this day and night and all you get is a standard grenade launcher untill you pick up an orb of light. Now if you're someone who isn't running with people who are dropping orbs then this gun is useless. These perks really aren't pinnacle status. The same thing can be said for the gambit bow, it's basically archer's tempo but faster? I was thoroughly disappointed in these two because as someone who loved the grind to get Breackneck, Loaded, 21%, and Oxygen this was a let down. Don't even get me started on how weak oxygen is in my opinion. 3. [b]Exotics nerfed, but the problem not addressed[/b] This is also one of the most irritating things to happen, the strong main exotics were nerfed to the ground because they were overused and making things easier than usual. The problem is people are forced to use this exotics because all the other exotics are incredibly and incredibly useless (Seriously, who would think people are gonna use 'infinite bow hold' over super generating?) [b]I am not calling for a rebuff to these weapons[/b], I am calling for the fact that all exotics should be worth using and be updated with new and buffed perks that put them in the same tier as Furiosa and Galanor. Please bungie, so many things could've been delivered better. This is your chance to show us that community communication that you have been aiming for.

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