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6/1/2019 3:52:22 PM

Caydeception: The Cayde is real

This fic you about to read isnt about some naked man you drinking a bear while masterbaiting. No this isnt about Love story like in da hood. This isnt about bagel man who eatins a mango while watching an play of soap. Theres no clichés in this story at all, no non. Just joking this is a fanfic so theres gonna be lots of clichés Also the title is amazing right. Heres da tale Ikora felt really dperessed one day. She had just found out that she was adopted. Her real parents turned out to be nobels from Europe. They had a upper class skyscrapper and were mighty richt! But she had none of that richness around. It made her feel pretty bad about herself so she listened to some good music. But long she did not have to be depressed as Cayde-6 came in and held her hand (they had falled in love at the end of the story see). And he said: "I love oyu so much, it hurts. What is wrong with you? If you feel bad then I feel bad." So Ikora told him the whole story. He was shocked to hear this and said "I'm really shocked to hear this! Your parents are monsters!" "Which ones?" "All four of them, I don't like them. As much as I don't like Amanda!" And that was a lot because Ikora knew that Cayde-6 hated Amanda because she was unbelievably stupid and fat. But Cayde-6 took out a letter, "this had just arrived," said Cayde-6. Ikora openend the envolupe and inside was an invitation: "Most Esteemed Ikora said the message" "You are condord invited to the royal ball of your parents. Your real parents, miss." "We hope to see you soon. Most esteamly yours, dutchess!" Oh my, said Ikora this is rad!. But Cayde-6 was a little sceptic: "Maybe it's a trick." "Why?" said Ikora "Because there are.... rumours. Of Oryx still being around!" "Surely he could not come all the way to Europe!?" said Ikora confidently because she didn't think that Oryx could travel that far. "Hurm," said Cayde-6 contagiously, "we just have to be careful." "Hold on," exlciamed Ikora, there is something else in the invitation! "Princess Ikora, hereby we also bestow upon you the keys to the cage of a flying unicorn your parents have provided you with. Also, whenever you hold this key in your hand, your powers are increased" Ikora was really happy with that but also felt a little bad for Cayde-6. After they had a relaction ship, Cayde-6 had taught her his Golden Gun and she picked it up really well! She was now even better at Cayde-6 at the Golden Gun! So they went and picked up the flying unicorn. It was really quick and agile and flew around them like it really enjoyed itself! It took a moment but with enough training and perversion, Ikora trained it to her will! Now they could go and visit their parents! But little did they know that the invitation was not from Ikora's european nobel parents, but from Amanda instead! And she had teamed up with Oryx! ---- Then Cayde-6 looked deeply into Ikora's eyes, those dark baseball. "I'm afraid.... I'm afriad I can't actually do this......." Cayde-6 said. "Y not?" "Because.... because... because... something terrible has happened... in the past.... last weak." "OMG whut then?!" Cayde-6 walked away from them. And with Cayde-6's back turned, he spoke with a sob: "I... was.... rapped." Ikora's wanted to take Cayde-6 into her but Cayde-6 didn't want to. "I DON"T WNT YOUR SYMPATHY" Cayde-6 cried. "YOU WERENT THERE FOR ME THEN SO WHY WOULD YOU BE THERE FOR ME NOW" "BUT I DIDN"T KNOW YOU WERE RAPPED " "BUT I WAS SO SAD THIS WHOLE TIME AND YOU NEVER NOTICED!!!!" And now Ikora's thought about it, it was true. Cayde-6 had been very very very sad all this time. "who rapped you?!" "Guardian did," Cayde-6 sbbed. Guardian took me to his chamber. And then.... then.... then.... Cayde-6 cried out in sobbing. It was very sad. "R u sure you didn't say anything that would lead Guardian to rap you?" "Nu-huu!" Cayde-6 said and couldn't belief that Ikora's woukd say suhc a thing! "Many people who get rapped," stated Ikora's, they did something to provoke the rapper (a/n it happens! My dean told me that!) "BUT I DID NOT," SAID Cayde-6. "all I did was smile at him." "Wull, mabee it wasn't rap then?" said Ikora's wisely. "Mabee u wanted it". And now that Ikora's said that, yeah, Cayde-6 was wondering if he actually did want to be rapped by Guardian. Cayde-6 thought back at that faithful night. Cayde-6 thought back at how hard he yelled Guardian to spot. How much Cayde-6 was in angst and pain. But maybe... myabe Cayde-6 mizzunderstud Guardian Maybe... maybe it was Cayde-6 said, "You give me much to think about. Maybe I should go and talk to him. Ikora's nodded. Yes, that wuld be wise! But first, we must defeat Oryx otherwise you will never be able to proclaim your love for him! And when everyone was ready to go, suddenly, the door opened! "????!!" questioned Cayde-6 exclaimingly. Because in the doorway, no other than Oryx stood! And lightning struck int he background and showed villain as a silluette. But instead Oryx's usual smirk, there was confusion on his face! "Who.... who am I?" mutered Oryx "Who are you?!" Cayde-6 said. "Who *is* he?!" Amanda also said (a/n lol she aint very smart lol). "Who... who am I?" Oryx repeated... "I don't know who I am!" "Zomg, Oryx lost his memory!" concluded Zavala smartly. "Indeed, that is the only logical explanation," said Cayde-6, who of course had thought of it before Zavala did but was too noble and modest to say so. "Well, I say we kill him now." said Guardian. "That is a good idea," said Cayde-6 and he reached for his pulse pistol. But then all the sudden, they were surrounded! By Oryx's Loyal followerss! "Lord!" they said. "We have brought you the SuperPower!" The SuperPower! Cayde-6 saw it within the hands of the robot. As ever as revoking as it always had been. If only Cayde-6 could get to it! Then Cayde-6 remembered... He had the power of being silly! Before Oryx could turn to the space pirate, Cayde-6 lept forward and grabbed the SuperPower from minions's hands. Cayde-6 then apologised profoundly and patted the lackys on their back. "Oryx," said Cayde-6, "I'm sorry, but it's better for you never ever to remember who you were." And with Cayde-6's Golden Gun, he crushed the SuperPower. "Noooooo!" Oryx said, "Now I will never know who I am!" "Well, I'm not going to let you get away with all the misery you've caused!" yelled Guardian. He grabbed a club and smashed Oryx's head open. For a moment, Oryx looked confused... and the said: "But I... I don't know what I did wrong!" And he died. And everyone applauded, even the space ninja because despite Oryx having lost his memory, the evil was still inside them. Ready to come out. Even under a different personality. So Guardian really did the right thing.

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