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5/29/2019 11:09:10 PM

Casual - PC ONLY- ((EU ENGLISH SPEAKING )) PVE open recruitment SEASON OF OPULENCE season 4 clan 80+ members GAMBIT --RAIDS --END GAME :D JOIN US TODAY About us We are a casual open pve focused clan. as of season 6 we have hit max lv in 3 consecutive seasons ran every raid multiple times and have over 60 members at ll 650. we are looking for active people who want to get involved in raids as well as other end game activity's and even just to chat to in the discord group :3 we do have a discord group witch is highly recommended that u join if you join the clan as it helps with organising raid groups as well as the general banta even if you dont use it pleas join cus i use it to keep track of everyone. oh and on the topic of raids plz dont be afraid to join other peoples runs even if you have never done one before as long as you have high enough light and atleast have whisper you should be good we love teaching new people how the raid works honestly its more fun than just running it for the 100th time so its all good XD CLAN RULES READ BEFORE JOINING 1 people inactive for more than 30 days will be kicked "from the clan you will still be in the discord group so u can rejoin anytime" 2 no toxidaty "we may have 1 or 2 people who sort of brake this rule but dw they all lovely people :3 3 on the discord group dont spam the @everyone command too much and without good reason 4 when participating in a raid we try and abide by the same rules as if we were running a guided game that is no leaving half way without good reason even if its taking a while and be respectful of people if they haven't run it before and also have a mic and be willing to talk if you are doing last wish or spire of stars 5 when we hit season 6 contribute towards your weekly clan xp so we can lv up 6 up vote this post "it helps with recruitment" 7 we dont mind what age you are but most of us are above 18 just be mature its alright for a bit of banta but dont hit below the belt 8 have fun after all thats what its all about :3 DO NOT JOIN IF You are on console as stated above you will be banned for doing this. You are not on the EU server. You dont speek English as we are a English speaking clan Your account is set to private. the reason i ask for everyone to make sure they un private there account is because i use a tool for keeping track of everyone's activity and if your account is private it dost track unless you have been messing with your settings though this shouldn't be a problem. You are the sort of person who ignores DM'S this is a bit of a peeve of mine i dont mind if people join just to get rewords but if someone messages you asking a question i at least ask that you reply ether with a no or im not interested after all we are all in the same boat regardless of how much we participate. if you think we are the clan for you click the link at the top and sign yourself up we look forward to having you :D

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