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5/23/2019 2:29:17 AM

Tweaking the mythoclast, necrochasm, and touch of malice for d2.

D2 brought back outbreak prime with a near identical design, but the addition of bonus damage to targets affected by nanites is a really neat addition. I feel like with vex mythoclast that they could be a bit more creative with what it can do because it pretty much was just as auto rifle in d1 with higher damage (and way less reserves), but I'll try to keep it as close to the original as possible. Necrochasm could do with a cool addition as well because it's just sunshot but an auto rifle. Screw it, touch of malice is getting thrown in too (wasn't originally going to do this). So let's give it a go: [b][u]Vex mythoclast:[/u][/b] Perk: this weapon has no charge time and fires a single bolt with each trigger pull. For 3 seconds after getting a kill, damage is increased (by 15%) and every other shot consumes no ammunition. Kills have a 30% chance to generate ammo in the magazine. Bonus perk: Increase accuracy for damaging a target (Zen moment). [b][u]Necrochasm:[/u][/b] Perk: Kills with this weapon trigger a Cursed Thrall explosion (stronger than dragonfly). Killing an enemy starts consuming ammo from reserves instead of from the magazine (meaning you get access to 600+ continuous rounds you can fire) for 3 seconds, refreshes on getting more kills. (In PvP, limit reserve ammo to 250 rounds, it works as a good balancing factor for sweet business as well). Bonus perk: Melee killing an enemy restores a portion of the magazine from reserves (grave robber). [b][u]Touch of Malice:[/u][/b] Perk: Final round of the magazine regenerates and deals bonus damage at the cost of the wielder's life force. Killing a target with the final round restores 50 health to the user and temporarily consumes ammo from reserves instead of health for 3 seconds (but the buff cannot be continuously applied so you can't just kill and heal continuously.) Bonus perk: Increase accuracy and accuracy for continuously hitting precision shots (rapid hit). [b][u]Catalysts:[/u][/b] Vex: range +20. Deal bonus damage to vex (10%). Increase chance to generate ammo to 40%. Necrochasm: Stability +20 Increase reserve ammo up to the maximum and extend buff duration to 5 seconds. Deal bonus damage to hive (10%). Touch of Malice: Stability +20. Have a 50% chance to not consume ammo from reserves after getting the buff. Deal bonus damage to taken (10%).

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