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There seems to be a problem here with strikes in Year 2

This was my [url=]Duty Bound[/url], my favorite year one weapon. It took me a while to get it to drop from the Savathun's Song Nightfall and I didn't put it down until Forsaken. Now, this has taken a while for me to notice because I only recently got a god roll [url=]Ether Doctor[/url], but I realized there is a discrepancy between difficulty/reward in the current content. [quote]TLDR. We need unique strike specific loot that is worth more then just checking off a box in collections. [/quote]When Forsaken dropped Bungie allowed us to bring Y1 weapons into Y2 content by means of infusion to the Forsaken power levels. However, this did not allow those Y1 weapons to gain random rolls, dual trait slots, Y2 mod spots, and +10 masterwork. That was a forgiving compromise because of the amount of weapons in Y2 there were and the differences between them brought on by their random rolls. If you fell in love with an old weapon, say a Midnight Coup, then you could easily keep using it up to the current power level of 700 while still creating orbs and adding to their kill counter. This though, did not age well when it came to the forgotten Nightfall rewards. Bungie is currently putting a lot of their chips into Pinnacle weapons as they provide a trackable challenge for every player and have unique traits that make the weapons "sub-exotic" in nature. This leaves Nightfall weapons in a tough spot as they used to be the pinnacle rewards for the Vanguard PvE activities. In Forsaken we currently have 9 Nightfall weapons with 4 of them being Y1 which means they do not have the double trait/random roll features. [b]The Problem[/b] [url=]My Ether Doctor roll[/url] [spoiler]I could have gotten Ricochet Rounds which would be literally the same/better than my Duty Bound. [/spoiler] [url=]Direct comparison with 4 similar legendary kinetic auto rifles[/url] As the links show, there is a huge power issue with the 4 Y1 NF weapons as they exist in Forsaken and beyond. The example here goes back to my beloved Duty Bound kinetic NF 600 rpm Auto Rifle and the problem with the Ether Doctor roll that I recently got. The Ether Doctor is a kinetic Forsaken 600 rpm Auto Rifle that can easily be [url=]farmed in lost sectors in the EDZ[/url]. It has a scope with extremely similar stats to the Duty Bound's D1 throw back Red Dot sight. The magazine traits can drop with ricochet rounds which are also found on Duty Bound and are the Ether Doctor's best magazine trait. The kicker is that Ether Doctor can get both Rampage and Zen Moment at the same time where Duty Bound can only have one or the other. [i]Not to mention the +10 range masterwork and rampage spec mod slot. [/i] [i][b]The fact that a NF weapon can be essentially farmed in lost sectors and still keep all the previous stated Forsaken weapon benefits is insulting to the players who have been here since day 1.[/b][/i] I literally went into the lost sector to complete a bounty because I was bored - and I ended up getting a better version of my Duty Bound that I went through NF after NF in the dark ages of Y1 D2. Now I understand that Bungie needs to keep expanding the content and that comes with the fact that they need to leave old things behind in order to make the new things more interesting. But... It's a NF weapon. In D1 we had strike specific loot that could be pleasantly farmed just by enjoying the Vanguard strike playlist, albeit with lower chances of dropping than their NF counterparts. You could be just going through the strike playlist normally and stumble upon a beautify rolled meta weapon. We can all agree that this is not what we want because as we play a game we want it to be challenging and rewarding based on that challenge. In comes D2 Nightfall specific weapons. No we did not get 1 per strike, nor did we get random rolls on them that could be farmed over and over. We instead got 4 weapons and 5 cosmetic rewards throughout the entire first year of Destiny. At the time it was fine. Would we have liked all the NFs to have their own themed weapon tied to them? Yes, most definitely these cosmetic rewards were nice and all but what we really needed to add to our collection were some epic weapons. And what happened to the armor rewards we had in D1? None of that transferred over between games and the designs for the weapons were not nearly as inventive as they were in D1 with all the enemy themed details. Forsaken brought 5 new NF weapons that are finally bringing the hype with their possible roll combinations. They all have random rolls and the dual trait system like all Y2 weapons. These weapons can also get meta trait combos and traits that are unique in their Bungie Curated rolls introduced in Forsaken. Fully +10 masterworked static rolls that are very good rewards based on the content they are walled behind and could also be broken down for 7 coveted Enhancement Cores. However controversial the introduction of some of these weapons were, [i]looking at you Warden's Law[/i], we can all say that they were the pinnacle rewards that were worth grinding for in the NF playlist. IN WALKS PINNACLE WEAPONS... Now don't get me wrong I love these weapons and the grind for them definitely met with the reward. Some may need reworked atm (Broadsword, Oxygen SR3) but the fact that they are the quintessential weapons in their categories still stands. The introduction of these weapons and the triumph based quests they now exist in inertly buried the NF weapon grind. Now, players currently grind the NF weapons only for the completion in their collections. In short, this was a rant and it stands to point out a serious problem in the activity ranks Bungie has put out for us to participate in. With just 1 weapon they have broken the place Nightfalls had in our PvE grind and made them essentially Lost Sector level reward quality. We need Nightfalls (and the strike playlist) to be brought up in the reward ranks by granting them all unique strike specific loot. This loot will be both weapons and armor, enemy/strike themed in visual design, Y2 and beyond in mechanical design, and the weapons will all have sought after unique qualities to them that goes past just checking a box off in our collections. .... fin.

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