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In-Depth Criticism of Whisper of the Worm Nerf

Whisper Is Fine where it Is


Whisper needs a Nerf


Whisper needs a Buff


This is going to be a constructive deconstruction of the reasoning behind a certain Nerf in the TWAB post posted by Bungie today, 5/16/2019. [b][i]Whisper Of The Worm[/i][/b] [u]Nerfs[/u]: [quote]White Nail pulls ammo from reserves rather than creating it Reserve ammunition increased to 18 (without ammo reserve perks)[/quote] [u]Reason For Nerf[/u]: [quote]"an Exotic that can [b]generate an infinite amount of Heavy ammo[/b] is still a gigantic outlier and renders many weapons irrelevant for certain encounters. While Exotics are intended to be powerful and novel, bypassing the ammo economy can tend to force us to adjust enemies to compensate. [b]This effectively results in Sniper Rifles as a whole being punished because of Whisper’s unique ammo ability.[/b]"[/quote] Whisper uses Heavy Ammo, meaning it does not directly compete with other Sniper Rifles, it competes with [i]DARCI[/i] and LFRs. DARCI is already above Whisper in Raw DPS. By removing the advantage to Sustained DPS that Whisper has, you have effectively removed it as an Option in the Heavy Slot. Again, [u]Whisper does NOT compete with Sniper Rifles[/u], because Sniper Rifles use Secondary Ammo. [u]It competes with DARCI and Linear Fusion Rifles. [/u] Furthermore, I find the Closing Statements on the Season Of Opulence Sandbox Changes outright insulting. [quote]We’re sympathetic about the fact that the changes we make in the interest of balancing combat and game design can be jarring.[b] It was important that we have this conversation before you read the patch notes.[/b] We know many of you have a lot riding on day one of Season of Opulence. Hopefully, this intel will assist you in building the perfect monster-killing machines for the next Season of play[/quote] Why don't you have the Conversation before you Unilaterally decide what is best for the Community? I understand you guys are under a lot of pressure to balance the Sandbox but REMOVING player-favorite options from the game is NOT how you build trust and respect in a Community. What ever happened to "Nerfing the Nerfs" Bungie..? Was that just more PR? [b]Its starting to seem like instead of Listening to the Community, all you care about is In-Game Statistics.[/b] Conclusion: [b]Whisper Of The Worm will no longer be a Viable Choice for the Heavy Slot in PvE after this nerf[/b]. The weapons only utility was its ability to ignore the RNG presented by Heavy Ammo Drops. Without this Utility, the weapon is Outclassed by DARCI and SLEEPER in [b]literally[/b] every way. Not only can one achieve better Raw DPS on those weapons, they can now achieve far more Raw Damage and Sustained DPS in combination with the Lunafaction Boots [b]The only way to make Legendary Snipers Viable in Endgame PvE is to increase the DPS that Snipers do. Using them as an excuse to Nerf HEAVY weapons is counterproductive and wastes time and resources.[i] Why not skip the BS and move Whisper to the Secondary Slot, since you are so Adamant about it needing to compete with other Sniper Rifles?[/i][/b]

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