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This Week At Bungie - 7/7/2028

This week at Bungie, we are hosting Lord Saladin one last time in the Season of Eververse. The final Iron Banner for this Season rages on. This is your last chance to complete the unnecessarily outrageous "I have no Life" triumph, but if you manage to kill 7777 Guardians in the Crucible within 24 hours while using only green weapons, you'll receive the rare brown "Iron Will" shader. --- [b]SEASON OF THE CRYPTARCH SANDBOX CHANGES[/b] Season of the Cryptarch is on fast approach and, similar to past Seasons, some sandbox changes will arrive with it. Below you'll find a small preview of the upcoming changes which will hopefully improve your experience and adjust your expectations for the next season. [b]Gjallarhorn Re-Revisited Overperfected[/b] The 8th version of the recently re-re-re-re-re-re-re-released Gjallarhorn is currently the only weapon worth using in the game and as fun as it is to one-shot kill ST3-VN with it, it reduces the effectiveness of all other weapons. As a result, we're removing its ammo completely. The Gjallarhorn will now be a melee-only weapon. [b]Luna's Lament[/b] The pinnacle Crucible weapon Luna's Lament is wreaking havoc in both available Crucible game modes - Supremacy and Lockdown. Its ability to hold 2 bullets and an additional 3 bullet magazine (which makes it the weapon with the highest ammo reserves in Destiny 7) gives the players who acquired it an unfair advantage. Therefore, we're going to make the following changes to it: - Single-bullet mag will require a reload after each shot - Magazine size reduced to 2 extra bullets. Considering that it takes 5 headshots to kill someone with Luna's Lament, we believe that making it a 2-player task will improve the teamwork required to score a kill in the Crucible, just like with all other weapons. Players will no longer be able to use Luna's Lament to solo-kill another Guardian. [b]Sleeper Realist[/b] Sleeper is currently the only remaining fusion rifle in the game, but it sill allows Guardians to do significant damage in PvE against red bar enemies. We think that while it's great to have such powerful weapon in the game, the speed with which the Sleeper fires its shot is way too fast and negatively affects the balance in Solo-Strikes. As a result we've decided to increase the Sleeper's charge time to 4 minutes and 20 seconds. --- [b]EQUIPMENT CRYSTALS[/b] Our recent AI analysis of the predicted approved play style revealed that players would often quickly change gear during a game to avoid the ammo and power limitations. To prevent that, we're introducing a new consumable item - Equipment Crystals. Switching a weapon or armor piece during a match will now cost 700 Equipment Crystals (on top of the regular 8 000 Enhancement cores, 20 Void Shards, 80 Planetary Resources and 10 Exotic Engrams). --- [b]MOVEMENT SPEED[/b] After the removal of sparrows and boosted jumps/glides in Destiny 5, Guardians would still reach their destinations faster than expected by using sprinting. Starting with Season of the Cryptarch, it will no longer be possible to sprint. We believe that it's not the destination that counts, but the journey towards it and hope that this change will allow players to enjoy the journey rather than rush to the next objective. We understand that all the above changes will make Destiny 7 a horrible unplayable experience/torture, but real life is hard too and those changes will make Destiny more realistic and impactful. --- [b]MOVIE OF THE WEEK[/b] Last week Gladd managed to solo all 3 strikes in the game using only an Exotic 10-bullet SMG while capping his monitor's framerate to 5 fps, but his achievement has now been topped by Esoterickk who killed ST3-VN and M4R-CS, both bosses from the new Traveler's Revenge raid while hanging upside down from his ceiling and operating a single-button joystick with his feet. --- We are only 2 TWABs away from the start of Season of the Cryptarch. It's been awesome watching people play the Division 4. I'll be playing Vintage Fortnite this week, I'm done with Destiny anyway. Looking forward to the Epic-exclusive Call of Duty 754. <3 Luke

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