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Should Bungie be requesting info from the player base about D3?

Yes, by creating a survey etc...


No, it's their game.


I don't an opinion either way.


I mentioned this a couple of times and it's actually important and it should be really important to Bungie as well. I mean no disrespect in this post, these are legit questions with some opinions that are a huge concern at this very moment. Has Bungie created a survey, poll or anything anywhere on the net, Reddit, Twitter, this forum or wherever Bungie gets their feedback from regarding getting feedback from the player base about D3? This is a serious question and I hope Bungie is not just taking feedback from streamers while creating D3 knowing Bungie literally had 14 million gamers to get feedback from while creating D2. Yet, not one single poll, survey or anything that (I know of took place.) I'm bringing this up because I don't want to see another D2 base game and this company spend the next year on D3 backtracking trying to add what could have been prevented prior to D3 being released just by simply getting actual feedback from their player base. IMO a lot of time and resources were wasted back in y1 because of the changes Bungie thought [b]("we would like".)[/b] As we all know, the weapon slots had to be changed and random rolls had to be added to the game among other things spending that time in y1 instead of working on new content. I strongly suggest that Bungie really tries to get feedback from the player base and apply it to D3 more so than from the streamers. (Yes, they help some, but they are not the only ones that will be buying the game.) Also, if Bungie looked at D1 on what actually worked for the game and see if they can apply that as well. Meaning... [spoiler]Edit: The progression system, please do not ever use the core system in D3, meaningful choices means giving a variety of choices, not limiting choices. A loot system that is similar to D1 that rewards gamers for their time spent in the game. Randon rolls. Skill tree. Primary elemental. Weapon Slots. The economy Using material as a form of currency to purchase items among other things like Motes of light that actually had several purposes. Updating vendors and not just Tess. Adding actually loot to chase like D1, 2 tokens and a blue didn't cut it and never will. Strick specific loot. Normal and hard mode raids giving both hardcore and casuals gamers a choice like D1. The RNG should not be tied to just about everything in the game like titles etc... If there is going to be another collection set it up like the machines in D1 that allowed you to acquire the items you already acquired.[/spoiler] There is a lot of things from D1 that worked well for the game that can work for D3 as well, I'm not saying use all of it, but IMO it would be smart to use what actually worked for the game and look at what most of the gamers actually enjoyed about the game while creating D3. Edit: It's interesting how some think I meant this forum when I said (player base.) [b]Nothing personal to anyone, not being rude or anything like that, just saying This forum is not the entire player base.[/b] A suggestion before making a reply? Please think before making a reply whether you agree or disagree. Also, a survey is not anything anyone of us has control over, it's just a list of questions and nothing more to give any company other options whether they use them or not, a way to give us a voice if Bungie were to be serious about it.

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