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5/12/2019 6:18:45 PM

[PC ONLY-NA/EU] APExus Deft is recruiting active/social players for our casual and semi-hardcore clans! [Discord Partnered][9 clans][Statistics]

[b]Apexus Deft - 4280+ people in our discord and 654 [u]highly active[/u] clan members![/b] Every clan's definition of the word [u]active[/u] is different. It's very easy to say your clan is active, but much harder to prove it. The only way to define the word is with data, so if you read the "Random Stats" section below, you'll see just how active APX is. [url=]Join our discord partnered server now![/url] [u][b]Clans:[/b][/u] • [url=]Apexus Deft (Invite only)[/url] • [url=]Apexus Deft Division 2[/url] • [url=]Apexus Deft Division 3[/url] • [url=]Apexus Deft Division 4[/url] • [url=]Apexus Deft Division 5[/url] • [url=]Apexus Deft Division 6[/url] • [url=]Apexus Deft Division 7[/url] • [url=]Apexus Deft EU1[/url] • [url=]NEW! - Apexus Deft EU2[/url] • [u][b]Language[/b][/u] • English Required [u][b]About us:[/b][/u] We're a large group of relaxed gamers that just want to have fun playing the games we love. Our activity requirements are primarily based on discord voice chat usage so we have one of the most active Destiny 2 discord servers in existence. Our best guess is #2 right now, second to the D2 PC LFG server. During prime US times, we have more active voice users than clans two to twenty times our size. There are also opt-in sections of our discord devoted to Anthem, Apex Legends, Division 2, and LoL for those who feel like cheating on Destiny. [u][b]Casual Divisions:[/b][/u] • Our casual divisions are casual in the sense that there are no skill requirement. Anyone is welcome to join them as long as they're active and meet the requirements in the Requirements section below, but we do prefer those who want to do end game content. Our Sherpa team teaches raids a few times a week so if you're new and willing to learn, we're here to help! [u][b]Semi-Hardcore/Hardcore Division:[/b][/u] • Division 1 is our semi-hardcore/hardcore clan. It is invite only and members must go through trials with our Division 1 council members to see if they would be a good fit. They look at your skills and your attitude here. [b]••• Typical feats on the PVE side include: [/b]Flawless Raider Triumphs; Solo Argos (Non-Prestige); Two man Scourge/Calus/Argos; Three man Last Wish/Scourge; Top 20 speed runs; Compete for world first raid clears; Understands that we've stepped into a war with the Cabal on Mars. [b]••• Typical feats on our PVP side include:[/b] Max glory with Not Forgotten (but 3500 and a 1.25 COMP KD is the minimum for a trial); Top 500 badges on DestinyTracker; A [b]competitive[/b] KD of 1.4 and an efficiency of 1.9. (trials/doubles excluded); An overall KD of 1.76 and an efficiency of 2.32; Participate in scrims a few times a week with other highly competitive PVP players; Ability to accept criticism to get better as a player. Can find Waldo in 1 second. [u][b]Requirements to join our casual divisions:[/b][/u][quote] • You play on PC!!!! • You have the Annual Pass. • We aren't necessarily 18+ only, but you are required to act and sound like you are an adult. • You play nice with others. • [u][b]We are a gaming community so using our discord is a hard requirement. You need to be in voice chat with other people for at least 30 minutes within the past 2 weeks and complete 5 team based activities in the same time period to stay in the clan.[/b][/u] [/quote] [b][u]How to join:[/u][/b][quote] • Upvote this thread! • Join our [url=]discord[/url] and read through the [b]#how-to-join[/b] channel. • If you are looking to get into our premier division, read through the division 1 rules in [b]#rules[/b] and if you meet the base requirements, post in the [b]#div_1-invite_request[/b] channel once you've been accepted into a casual division. [/quote] [u][b]Random stats:[/b][/u][quote] • [b]Our max number of users in discord voice channels at the same time is [u]133[/u]. We've had a total of [u]432[/u] people active in voice chat during a single day.[/b] •••[url=]Here's a graph showing daily voice activity summaries for our discord server[/url]. •••[url=]Here's a graph showing daily text activity summaries for our discord server[/url]. • On a weekly basis, our members spend an average of 5.01 hours in our discord's voice chats with other people and 12.86 hours in game. • 531 of our members have completed at least one raid. • 396 of our members have completed 5 or more raids. • The average number of raids per person is 29.79. (204 for a div 1 PVE'er) • Our members have completed a grand total of 19483 raids. • We've had 17 gambit groups going at the same time. We've also had 7 full raid teams active in voice chat at the same time. [/quote] [b][u]So why join us over the competition?[/u][/b][quote] • We're partnered for a reason. Our voice activity is higher than all other clans regardless of how much larger they are. • Unlike other clans trying to branch out into other games, we aren't. Destiny is our only priority. • You don't have to worry about the leadership not maintaining your division. APX has so much automation that it practically runs itself. • Our leadership is made up of adults (with the exception of [b]Owl[/b]). We know when we screw up and we are mature enough to admit it and fix it. • Our clan is [b]stable[/b]. We haven't had any uprisings since the uprising that formed the clan. The largest group of friends who have left to form their own clan was 6. Most of them are still active in our discord. • No disciplinary actions taken against us by Bungie. • We've never mass banned thousands of people from our discord or clan overnight. The only people who have been mass banned are those who are known cheaters in crucible. • Because of popular demand, we held a princess competition in our clan. [b]Chato[/b] won. You must address him as [b]Princess Chato[/b] or his [b]internet grandma[/b] will smite you. • [b]Grud[/b] from the official [b]Grud Facts[/b] server is an active member of our community. You might get the opportunity to befriend him if you join! If you're wondering why we listed something here, it happened to one or more of our competitors. [/quote] [url=]Join our discord partnered server today!!![/url]

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