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tHe CrYpT RoLePlaY FanFicTion SaGA - VoLume NUmeRo UnO

it is the year 25160251 AD. Literally anything that could have been invented has been invented. Like we got levitating toilets with poop disintegrators. How cool is that? Anyways, everyone speaks [I]freeking japanese[/I] because weaboos took over the planet and indoctrinated our children by forcing them to watch manga and read anime, as they scratched their neckbeards and adjusted their fedoras smugly. Anyways, as all good podcasts go, there is a band of pretty below average dudes(and girls) who just chill and down gallons of white chocolate sauce(well only a few do this, in retrospect. don't ask). They live in South Dakota in the middle of [I]freeking[/I] nowhere. The town is called Cheerio Bowl. I don't know why, I'm just writing this for internet clout. Literally spouting off the garbage in the recesses of my head onto a forum for a disgraced game company. -Characters involved so you're more aware than I am -Kittimu -ACROCANTHUS(idk how to spell) -Virus -LordDoggo -DerpyTaco -Traffic Cone -Toaster -Wookie (not on crack) -NightHawk377 -kingjulianmort (dies first FYI) -Batpug77 now let's start the EpiC aDvenTure "So, LordDoggo, your order of white chocolate sauce came in." Kittimu said as she did something that might be a personality quirk. LordDoggo, who was sitting under his desk curled up in a little ball of insecurity and teenage angst, whimpered a reply that was nearly unintelligible. "Speak up or I'll have Daddy Toaster come tear your lungs out," Kittimu said lovingly as the frail LordDoggo began to weep. Choking through tears, he replied "Yes Grandma. Thank you Grandma. I will serve and love Grandma." He said with a snuffle. Kittimu, eldritch wrath subdued for now, tucked her barbwire-wrapped baseball bat behind her back and went back into the kitchen, where [I]uh[/I] kingjulianmort and DrippyTaco [I]wait[/I] DerpyTaco were playing a game of [b]natural selection[/b]. DerpyTaco had kingjulianmort in a choke-hold, and was giggling in his derpy way as kingjulianmort's face grew as purple as one's face would turn when being choked out. Then he died lol "DerpyTaco, go put that body down in thE CrYptT! [I]ooOOOoOoOOO[/i]" Grandma Kittimu commanded of the proud lettuce, beef, cheese, and Mexican filled meal. DerpyTaco nodded obediently, not wishing to incur the wrath of gods, and slung kingjulianmort's impish body over his hard shell shoulder and waddled over to the staircase that led to tHe CrYpt [I]ooOOOoOoOOO[/I]. end of episode one [spoiler]ngl this is written on the spot[/spoiler]

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