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4/20/2019 6:15:52 PM

The Nine, Divisiveness, and Mortal Affairs

<Well here we go again, attempting to decipher what the Nine are doing, what they want, and how they feel about it. Last time I did this, we concluded that the Nine were Dark Matter entities tied to the worlds of the Solar System that relied on the lives of material beings such as humans to exist. Without us, they'd die. We seed their thoughts and allow them to do things so really all of this is our fault. The Legends 2 Grimoire Card stuff still holds true, but the 5 "identities" that I played around with before Joker's Wild appear to be vessels of sorts, like Orin but more important. I believe we see the 9 Ghosts during the Week 2 Invitation, as no correlation was found between allegiances and there were only 9 possible permutations. [quote]Came now the Traveler, and with it a strange hope—for the Traveler's Light had the power to cause without causation! If the Nine had the Light, they could seed their own minds, free themselves from the dependence on matter-life! They could gain forces beyond Gravity to structure themselves, and so become more than wraiths of dark dust. They could enter the mad alien superworld of our chemical reality. So they turned to this new hope... and were divided.[/quote] Above describes the Nine's reaction to the Traveler. Below describes in more detail what this lore tab (The Witch, Dust) meant by "divided". [quote]No. Of course she is not safe. Because there are factions among the Nine: one faction sent Xûr and Orin to study Guardians and the Light, to seek the secret of effect-without-cause and to protect the source of that secret, the last source, now that the Ahamkara are gone. Those five played at alchemy with the Cocytus gates, turning dark dust into energy and then into matter, but they could not unlock the secrets of our mad existence. They needed ambassadors. Go-betweens. The other faction walks a different path. A path of folds and needles slipped through spacetime itself, existential syringes yielding new spaces, to be remade as the Nine desire. They have tried to gather enough dark dust in one place to form a black hole, and found it difficult: when the dark mass collapses in gravity's fist, the dust passes through itself and scatters. But difficult is not impossible. And there is far, far more dark matter in the universe than bright. They will find a way to make new worlds of it. They will end their dependence on life, and on the Light of Guardians, which the falling veil will soon snuff out forever...[/quote] It's here where I reiterate a point spoken times before. The Nine that we see in the lore tabs "Reextinction", "Emissary", and countless Trials of the Nine items are the Five. Before, I considered them evil. They did all the shady stuff, Xur is hurt by Light, they don't understand us, and they convert people into what are essentially slaves. Yet they just have no idea what they're doing with life and just want to protect us and live and they need ambassadors to do it. Not the Four... they hate us. Just look at the difference between the Five and the Four in the flavor text for the Invitations. [quote]W E A S K T O S E E Y O U we chose our emissary because she chose us BUT OUR FIRST ALLIANCE REMAINS OUR MOST TENUOUS Now we turn our eyes to the future. AND... TO YOU. Fools - preoccupied by mortal affairs - when mortals are preoccupied by imagined histories Petty minds + unfit for survival warnings = futile .on the horizon a sch|ism to sunder epochs.[/quote] The Four call us fools and unfit for survival. This is almost textbook godhood right here. Some say the mortals keep them alive and the others don't like that at all and think of us as nothing but stupid little fleshbags, insignificant to them. They say warnings are futile, and they're right. How many times has our character been told that the next Collapse is coming? How many times do we ignore it in-game? -blam!-, they warn us right here, too. "A schism to sunder epochs" is the next Collapse and you bet your ass we're gonna ignore it too. And I'm going to bet that the member of the Nine who let Ghaul into the system was Mercury, the only planet physically damaged during the War. Still, we don't know why it was punished. Was it punished because it let Ghaul into the system and he could've destroyed it all? Was it punished because it wanted to learn how to take the Light? Or was it punished by circumstance? A simple, "hey I'm gonna let Ghaul in the system, oh shit the Almighty's ripping me in half" and nobody did anything about it. Kinda weird that the outer system for once ISN'T trying to kill us but rather help us. The inner system wants us gone and are trying everything in their power to become independent. But they have to rely on us for a while, at least until they manage to brute force their way into reality or something else takes the Light for them and gives it to 'em. So there, I've concluded that the Four should be considered evil and that the very planet we're standing on right now is an asshole.>

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