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Mission: Make Destiny a better game!!

[b]• Skeleton keys Just like d1 • Nightfall specific gear -> Strike specific • Vanguard streak bonus • VERDOR SEASON REFRESH new gear!! • Vendors sell random rolled weapons like in d1 rotating rolls every week • Including planetary vendors • WTF are weapon telemetries???? Make it cost 5 for a gunsmith package!!! Or remove them • Vendor upgrade packages like d1 o Weapon o Armor o Other • All Factions all the time pledge and earn • Free add remove mods • Free unlimited shaders use must earn in game first like d1 • Cosmetics like shaders and emblem take no inventory or vault space like ghost projections and emotes • Remove enhancement cores from infusion or allow masterwork level up through use of gear • Expand mercury to include all/ most strike areas add shit to do there (sparrow racing) • Expand Titan to include all/most strike areas add shit to do there • Exotic rerolling with enhancement cores • Remove exotic masterworks and just add the perks OR make them not require first to find the catalyst to complete. • Enough with eververse add those cool ships shaders ect. as activity rewards to incentivize players to play your game (she can sell ornaments…) • Lower armor for roaming supers in pvp {shotgun(precision and aggressive)/ fusion((precision and high impact) + melee AND sniper head shots (adaptive and above) should shut down supers} obviously heavy ammo as well. • Masterworked armor should NOT increase super armor in pvp. Also decrease amount of cores to upgrade armor. • Spectral blades honestly .. its not even comparable to other supers • Add special ammo type reserves to chest armor • Change all unflinching perks to stability perks (maybe) • Raid mods should be perks on raid armor (Wrath of the machine Armor was perfect) • Collections able to collect a set roll of everything like exotic armor!! • Bring all Y1 wepons and armor with rng rolls! Its such a waste. • ON CONSOLE: o REDUCE FLINCH o REMOVE BLOOM o Increase overall stability of smg’s and hancannons except precision frame obviously o Buff Scouts again! In pvp make 150rpm kill in 2 crit 1 body, 180rpm kill 3 crit,200 rpm 3crit 1 body and 260rpm kill in 4crit(maybe) PVE increase damage especially boby shot dmg o Increase pve sniper body shot dmg • Buff exotics that suck • Where is SIVA we saw it in trailers? • DESTINY 3: o Server tick rate to match that of other fps games o 60fps!!!! o Better not remove good features from past game Edit 1: Matchmaking to everything and ability to enter solo! Load in with max ammo when landing from ship Free up subclass perk selection I know this isn't well organised ect. Also please add anything i've missed. Please upvote to get this seen. Thank you guardians, lets make destiny better together! [/b]

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