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Enhancement Cores Compromise

At this point I know for a fact I’m just preaching to the choir; I mean from one glance at the forums you can tell that a vast majority of the playerbase is extremely against enhancement cores as an ingredient in infusion and I can’t say I disagree, but at the same time Bungie clearly wants to keep infusion costs high in order to make it a meaningful choice and I understand that aspect since they want to slow a player’s path to max light to avoid what happened at the beginning of D2’s lifecycle. A big thing that it seems Bungie doesn’t understand is the difference between infusion and masterworking. Infusion is supposed to make the weapons we like *usable* for endgame content, while masterworking makes the weapons we love *exceptional* to have them stand out amongst the rest of our loadout and have that extra oomf with the added benefit of orb production. I personally love the idea of masterworks they add a ton of depth and a reason to grind for a god roll to make it unique, but ever since enhancement cores have been added to infusion while the light level cap continues to rise I find myself using them just to keep up and have usable gear for higher light activities. You might be able to say the cost of infusion is only 1 or 2 enhancement cores so it’s not bad, but that’s for each weapon and piece of armor you want to infuse which makes the cost of 1 gear set 8-16 cores and you’re not going to be infusing to the max light immediately so you’ll have to do it multiple times and that doesn’t include trying to infuse other sets of weapons and armor so it adds up to a ludicrous number throughout a season. Now to this you could say just infuse with repeat gear so the cost is only 5000 glimmer, but what if you’re infusing raid gear or gambit prime gear or black armory gear - there’s no reliable way to get powerful versions of the exact gear you want to infuse without the best RNG known to man. To this you could say just wait to infuse your good stuff, but to be frank I don’t want to use gear with trash perks just to get through a season, I want to use the stuff that I’ve grinded for and worked to get that are useful in high light encounters. Now after all this I’m supposed to use a solid chunk of enhancement cores to make 1 item better than just isn’t worth it and is actually detrimental to my character’s progression until all my gear is max light. Masterworking has a powerful effect and it should be a meaningful choice, but it’s become more of a burden than an exciting choice since I could and should be using those cores to infuse my gear during a time like now where Tier 3 reckoning requires such a high level. All in all, I think Bungie’s idea of enhancement cores is inherently flawed at this point, but they seemingly don’t have any intention of removing them from infusion. So my compromise is rather than increasing the number of sources we get cores, they should increase the number of cores we get from said sources. Getting 1 core from bounties and the like just doesn’t matter and is a massive time waster. If I was rewarded 5 or 10 cores for doing a heroic activity or something it would be worthwhile, or maybe add 1 guaranteed core to powerful activities we already do to ease the burden while we get those higher light items. This would give us a consistent way to get cores naturally by playing the game but keep it a rarer resource to keep masterworking a meaningful choice. I know Bungie is constantly taking in feedback and I don’t expect them to see this, but I figured I’d throw this out there to see if anyone agrees with my thoughts and we can come to a compromise with how Bungie wants D2 to play and how the players want to play. Anyways the TLDR is it’s not necessary to add more bounties and whatnot that drop cores, add cores to existing activities and if they do add activities that reward cores, reward us with 5 or 10 cores to make it worth our while.

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