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[url=]Edited Version: Those that Prefer No Emoji's~Follow Me.[/url] Bungie: 🤭We Hear you! Bungie: 🥳based on your feedback🥳 we will Remove Scrapper Bounties and add Gunsmith Bounties to earn more cores. Community:😐😑 IT WON'T BE ENOUGH! THIS IS NOT A FIX!😤😡🤬 Bungie: 🧐We Hear you!..🖕Ahem: Our hope(Just Leave it alone🧟‍♂️ Guardians)is that this increased access and control😈over Enhancement Core acquisition will help improve the balance of materials being earned vs. materials being used.🤥🤫 Community:🗣 Bungie, 🗣🗣BUNgie, BUNGIE!!🗣🗣🗣 don't you get it??? [b]“If enhancement cores are removed from infusion, the problem will be ________.” [/b]🙏🙏🙏🤨🤨😡 Bungie: 🙄...infusion won’t be as impactful. 🕴🏼We keep a close eye on the amount of infusion materials being earned versus how many are being used and will continue to make adjustments as needed.” Community: 💩🤮🤯🤯🤯😫🙅‍♀️🙅‍♂️😡😤 1)[url=]Wow Even the Forbes Guy Thinks Your TWAB Solution Is Terrible[/url] 2)[url=]It's a game/hobby, not a job.[/url] 3)[url=]Paul Tassi said it perfectly![/url] 4) [url=]FORBES:[/url] 5)[url=] Bungie. Listen. To. Your. Community.[/url] 6)[url=]At this point, Bungie is begging us to boycott the game[/url] 7)[url=]The TWABs (Solution) To Enhancement Cores is Unacceptable[/url] 8)[url=]Can we get rid of stupid enhancement cores?[/url] 9) [url=]Play a Game Where The Devs Listen[/url] 10)[url=]Enahancement core changes show bungie doesn't care about our feedback.[/url] 11)[url=]The Core Poll[/url] 12) [url=]#CoresRemoveChoice and a Proposing a Boycott?[/url] 13) [url=]Why do changes take so long?[/url] 14) [url=]I'm waiting for Enhancement Cores to show up in bundle packages[/url] 15)[url=]Let's show bungie they need to remove master cores or change to only one per infushion please up vote![/url] 16)[url=]#Remove enhancement cores[/url] 17) [url=]#Remove enhancement cores from infusing[/url] 18)[url=]#Remove enhancement cores from infusing bungie[/url] 19)[url=]Remove Infusion Cores simply to gain back some customer goodwill[/url] 20) [url=]REMOVE. CORES. FROM INFUSION. COSTS.[/url] 21)[url=]You should start listening to your community rather than say your listening[/url] 22)[url=]THE INVESTMENT TEAM IS TONE DEAF![/url] 23)[url=]Ditch the cores![/url] 24)[url=]The Infusion Problem Will Get Worse Each Season[/url] 25)[url=]The enhancement core bounties are no fix[/url] 26) [url=]Why replace scrapper bounties when you can have both?[/url] 27) [url=]The amount of ways you get Enhancement Cores is not the problem. It's how wasteful using them for infusion is.[/url] 28)[url=]Are you happy with the announced changes regarding Enhancement Cores next season?[/url] 29) [url=]Is Bungie Not Gonna Address 95% Of The Communities Concern?[/url] 30) [url=]The leveling is still bad[/url] 31)[url=]Congrats Bungie![/url] 32) [url=]Thank you Bungie Dev Team! I finally made a "meaningful choice"[/url] 33) [url=]Masterwork cores need to return. #coresremovechoice[/url] 34) [url=]Last screams of the missing neighbours[/url] 35) [url=]Tired of my characters looking like patch work dolls for the sake of light level[/url] 36)[url=]Bungie doesn’t respect player time investment[/url] 37) [url=]Bungie doesn't read any feedbacks written in other languages.[/url] 38)[url=]Bungie out of touch[/url] 39)[url=]Strengthen Your Core (from a players perspective)[/url] 40)[url=]A unique perspective on cores and infusing[/url] 41)[url=]Letter to Devs -[/url] 42) [url=]A Message to the Bungie Team! -Click Me-[/url] 43) [url=]Don’t give up on destiny[/url] 44)[url=] Make your case for KEEPING enhancement cores as part of INFUSION.[/url] 45) [url=]Open invitation to any Bungie developers that would like to have a discussion with the forum community on investment and progression[/url] Bungie: 😣😬🤐🤐🤐 Thinking:*😏 We told em in the TWAB the changes won't come until next season😆. that gives us more than enough time to come up with another Non-solution. 😎GG Team...GG.* Bungie: 👮‍♂️Guardians, guardians...👮‍♀️Settle Down. 🕴🏼You know Us.🕴🏼 Remember the Good old 🕹Halo Days(We Sure Don't)!? I can 🙄assure you that we are listening(⚙️⚙️⚙️). As always, we’ll be continuously 😴monitoring this item economy, along with your 💩feedback to assess its effectiveness.” [url=]Destiny 2 Leveling is Still Bad[/url] [url=]Destiny 2 Leveling Easy Fix[/url]

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