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Collections, Enhancement Core, Curated Rolls

Thought of another way to re-imagine the Enhancement core issue as well as the collections issue. Whenever you get a legendary weapon drop, you also have a chance of dropping a curated roll of the same weapon (like in Bergusia Forge). Even if the weapon you received is powerful, the duplicated curated roll will not be so you can still use the original as infusion if need be. After getting the curated weapon to drop a triumph like message on the bottom of your screen informs you that your collections tab has been updated. Viewing your collection you can now see that the curated roll is available to be taken out of the collection. [u]This gives the power of choice to the player:[/u] - they can dismantle the MW curated roll for the 7 cores with the ability to get it back (none MW) from collections or use that weapon in it's current form [b]and/or[/b] - infuse the original drop into the MW curated version or into another weapon of that category [quote][i]Example[/i] [b]Strike playlist[/b] - Can drop from strike bosses and/or wanted enemies in the strike. Higher chances from the boss. - Can also drop from the daily strike or strike playlist milestone completion. - Y2 Vanguard weapons like Nameless Midnight, Toil and Trouble, Service Revolver, etc. are all in the loot pool and drop in the aforementioned way. (if your account is able to get these kinds of weapons normally) - Nightfall strike weapons have a chance of dropping this same way with the curated version being set in y2. (Duty Bound would have Zen Moment as well as Rampage in two different columns) As you complete a strike you defeat the final boss. The boss drops a legendary engram that turns out to be Nameless Midnight as well as a Masterworked version of the Nameless Midnight. The original scout rifle is a normal random roll and the Maserworked version has the curated setup of Moving Target and Explosive Payload. The scopes and magazine traits are also set as seen on Also, as part of the Masterworked version is a random MW stat set to +10 as well as a new/unique ornament that cannot be applied to a different Nameless Midnight (kinda like strike specific loot). This process is grindable through the strike playlist. [/quote] [quote][i]Example 2[/i] [b]Gunsmith/Encryption pool[/b] - Have a chance of dropping alongside any prime engram and/or Gunsmith reward. - Gunsmith rewards are on a weekly rotation and are weapons from his vendor pool. They require players to complete challenging weekly bounties that have multiple steps and requirements, a lot like the Iron banner bounties and original Destiny Gunsmith steps. Can only be obtained once a week per character. [/quote] [quote]Example 3 [b]Y2 world drops[/b] - Can drop from daily heroic adventurers (high chance), Flashpoint completions (even higher chance), world HVT's (low chance but grindable), lost sector boss defeats (even lower chance but grindable). If you really want to complete your collections and get cores then you can simply spend a lot of time grinding out lost sectors or HVT's. This is not the best way to do it but is definitely feasible yet highly ineffective, not to mention boring. Many players should just get these as they simply play the game but for those who want a choice then they have one. [/quote] A system that aids players that need enhancement cores as well as working out a static roll system for y2 weapons in the collections. This system could work on top of the other enhancement core systems in the game and can also work with a new Masterworked set bonus armor system.

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