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A conversation due to this weeks TWAB...

I actually guessed randomly the drifter would win with this overall choice thing. I even guessed he would win by an initial 50%. But the fact a bunch of guardians, on their second character, still chose the drifter over the vanguard... Well now... here is the conversation due to that "revelation" *After returning to the Tower following decimating enemies through strike ordnances* "Hello Titan. Welcome back." -Rahool I nod in acknowledgment and head over for normal decryption "Thanks again Rahool. You never know what you'll find in the wild. Heck, got one of my favorite Fate Cries Foul following a strike against that Fikrul fellow." Immediately following this though, a friendly neighborhood... hmmm... hunter, by the name of Gavin comes over and slaps an arm around my shoulders. "Hey buddy. It's been a long time." Rahool simply smiles, nods to me, and gets to the next guardian waiting. I smile in return remembering a few good times he gave me weapons or armor when I first awoke as a guardian. "It has been a while Gavin. Here. Let's go grab a drink together an catch up, huh?" Gavin looks at me surprised I actually offered him once since he normally takes my money at poker nights when we played together. We go to the Tower Bazaar, sit ourselves down at the ramon shop, and enjoy a meal together once more. "Well, it was good hanging with you again man. We should patrol it up sometime." "Any place other then frozen hive world, ok. Hive frozen world?.... just let me know you actually want to go back to that crazy place." He laughs. "How about IO sometime? It's always an amazing place to visit and even more interesting to see Asher freak out about me staring at his arm." It was my turn for the laugh. "Send me a date and time and I'll be sure to bring the selfie camera for those moments." I say and partially laugh wholeheartedly. With the day winding down, I decide my last two stops will be Ikora and Amanda. Haven't spoken to them in a while. As I walk up to Ikora, I take my helmet off. A token of respect since I never take my helmet off except for Vanguard leadership and for special occasions. "Hi Ikora." "Hello my friend. How was your day? More strikes or was it patrols today?" "Strikes saw most of my attention. Can never be too careful with humanities enemies these days. I've all but given up on raids though. Can you believe that? Me? Who used to do it every beckon and call who needed a titan, I was there. I've definitely changed a lot." "You're always there for your friends Titan. You were there for Osiris. Me. Zavala. Your clan. Those who know you best know you're a great asset to the City." "Maybe not as much as I used to be. I can feel my strength still be there. Helping resolve Cayde put a lot of peace in me. But from what I hear about this Drifter business in the Tower... I just don't know Ikora. Not anymore. I think Segoth's helmet is speaking more truth now than it ever did before." "Remind me what Segoth wrote..." "Segoth was that Titan whose helmet we found a while back. They wrote, "Thought we formed the Banner to fight the Darkness, not ourselves. Just don't bode well, s'all I'm sayin'." Gheleon. I never really gave it much thought, but now guardians are switching according to chatter around the Tower. I don't know about any of the vanguard, but if the order is for me to kill another guardian... I'll probably hang up my marks and only keep my clan and vanguard banner at that point. Even if I'm killed permanently... I don't want that on my conscience and neither will they when they realize that mistake..." "Guardian. The vanguard... exists to unify people. You share that burden and it's visible. But remember that those we cherished before us also left under violent and treacherous times as well as dark days. It's the light which unifies us. And as long as one, like you and others, keep carrying that torch? Humanity will have a defender for it." I bid Ikora goodbye, thanking her again for a good conversation as always, and I'll stop back in soon enough for another. Walking through the courtyard, I don't feel reminiscent too much about days long gone. Just the guardians around now to face the challenges ahead. The Dreaming City, still not solved, and the luring evil which creeps into my mind thinking about that strong curse week portal realm... I find myself in front of Amanda soon enough. "Hi Amanda." "Hey Guardian. Geez, you been hitting the iron lately or just lifting a lot of vandal weights?" I can only grin and shake my head in disbelief at Amanda's normal relaxed stance. She hasn't changed her friendly demeanor even after all that has happened to this place. "No. I've been taking care of a lot of enemies lately. But I still miss the shop around here and helping out. Mind if I jump in before the end of the day?" "Nah. We don't need a fancy titan clunking around here. Besides, you have other duties. We got all this. Thanks for the offer though." Same response as usual too. "Well the offer stands Amanda. Service to the City comes in all shapes and sizes. Speaking of which, I have a small project for you." I pull out my ghost and he transmits my... broken... disheveled... sparrow right on the ground. Amanda just looks at me and grins, "You're definitely helping on this one. What is this the millionth time?" I grin, take off my bulky titan armor, grab a few wrenches and ghost starts by helping with the front axle bent allllllll to hell... - End conversation - All I can tell you guardians is if you value the drifter? Good for you. Just remember that when you need a home? The Tower is not a physical place. It's where you'll find any form of humanity willing to take you in.

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