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3/22/2019 1:00:33 AM

There is and has been a disconnect between studio and player on our connection to our gear since 2014. Cores are just the latest example of that.

Posted this on Twitter, going to put it here too. I think there is a fundamental truth and disconnect highlighted in the announcement regarding Enhancement Cores that has existed since 2014. There is a group within the studio that simply do not understand the connection players have to their weapons, armor and characters. This was true in 2014 when our vanilla weapons were taken away in TDB. It was true when Y1 gear didn't progress into TTK. It was joked about when everything was taken from us going into D2 and it's still abundantly clear with "meaningful Infusion". In 2014 the company stance was they thought we'd be bored using the same weapons and armor for 10 years (back when it was the 10 year journey still). In 2019 it's just a modification of the same sentiment. They feel we'll get more enjoyment, sense of accomplishment from infusion. What doesn't make sense is that it's clear that to some degree it's understood how much players are attached to things because we see old weapons, Thorn, TLW, Whisper, etc constantly celebrated as they're brought back. It's a juxtaposition that is baffling. I posted in 2015 about the difference between Destiny and games like WoW or Diablo, where in those games weapons are more just stat-sticks. Destiny is different. In Destiny we hold the weapons. We ADS. Each one has a different weight, feel, handling and those things are extremely personal in how they're experienced by the user. When a weapon feels right and fits how we play, we want to use it and being forced to use things that don't feel good isn't fun. Then there's armor. The whole initial implementation of Infusion was ironically Bungie's answer to request for a transmog system. It was put into the game to allow players to more easily wear and use the gear we love d want to use. Now a few years later, it's adopted the exact opposite objective. Now it's to keep us from too easily equipping what we want and love. How did that flip happen? In my opinion it comes down to the same differing philosophies within the studio of what Destiny is and should be and the lack of understanding by some of what the average player likes and finds fun and the connection to our characters and gear is paramount to that.

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