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3/19/2019 5:21:23 PM

Enhancement core issue

[b]Main points[/b] [quote]- Players need them to infuse and masterwork weapons and armor.[/quote] [quote]- They are the rarest/most important consumable in basic gameplay.[/quote] [quote]- The weekly methods to obtaining enhancement cores are either [i]monotonous [/i]in the case of spider bounties, [i]inconsistent (RNG)[/i] in the case of legendary dismantling, and [i]insulting [/i]in the case of limited/expensive vendor sales seen at the spider and seasonal events.[/quote] [quote]- Bungie cannot make a simple fix to this without completely breaking the leveling/masterwork economy. [spoiler]Go one way and you alienate the casuals, go the other and you insult the diehards.[/spoiler][/quote] [quote]- Finest Matterweaves are a good source of cores but are completely missing the point. [u]Meaning, you get a Finest Matterweave as a chance drop from dismantling a weapon/armor, something that can already directly award you an enhancement core[/u]. You need to now apply the Matterweave and defeat Major type enemies in order to drop a core - literally fabricating time spent playing when the dismantled item could have just dropped a core in the first place.[/quote] [b]Some fixes / ideas[/b] [spoiler]I have never made a video game nor have I earned the reason to shame a company for their design choices. I just play a lot of Destiny 2 and feel that my hours of time spent in the game mean something. [/spoiler] [quote]- Allow players the choice to MAX enhance a weapon/armor instead of doing it step by step. Or, make each step a noticeable improvement - at the point a weapon can start tracking kills, I notice the weapons performance has increased and can increase even more thus inspiring me to max it out[/quote]. [quote]- Weapons and armor at the current level cap, when dismantled, always reward an enhancement core (for end game players)[/quote] [quote]- Completing [i]weekly milestones[/i], regardless of in a clan or not, always rewards an enhancement core. Clan rewards can just stack onto this function. (helping casual players)[/quote] [quote]- Keep spiders bounties the same... but add the same functions to world vendors on the current Flashpoint planet. For example, if this weeks Flashpoint is Mars than Ana will award cores for bounties competed for every daily reset (a 21 total core potential). This can give greater impact to what a FLASHPOINT planet is and award casuals who are leveling up a those current patrol spaces.[/quote] [quote]- Make masterworking armor a meaningful process. Now I feel as I am in the minority when I say that I did apreciate the masterworking process in D1. Using a weapon a bunch unlocks the perks on that gun same goes with armor. This process may not work now, but we can take that idea and apply it to masterworking armor. Say, once an armor piece is fully masterworked a new perk is unlocked (much like exotic catalysts). Maybe these perks could work like set piece bonuses?[/quote] [quote]- Finest Matterweaves need to grant a 1-3 Enhancement core drop rather than just the 1 guaranteed core. This would make getting one from a dismantled item more impactful than just receiving a core right off the item. [/quote] These are just some ideas because I thought, "hey I should throw my hat into this enhancement core debate". I am also not looking for any feedback on this post, but if you like an idea then just quote it as a comment that's all. No need to get this trending as there are already a ton of them up there. [spoiler]Now back to the weekly reset. [/spoiler]

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