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It's time for More Vault Space or Our Collections to finally be usable for rando items!

Hello Guardians! Since the launch of destiny 2, through the launch of Forsaken, and now the season of the drifter the struggle with managing vault space has been a real chore. With intent to use 3 characters, and have random rolls on gear/weapons, it's not surprising that a vault of 500 spaces can get filled with a mass of mixed rolled items. Now throw in Gambit Prime gear, and it's not unreasonable to expect a full set of gear for every character for all 4 roles. On top of that, because of random rolls, that throws in a handful of duplicates depending on the build/situation. That's +60 slots filled, and if were to assume doubling up on everything due to getting at least two pieces with decent/god rolls, you are looking at +120 vault spaces filled just with the gambit prime armor. Throw in the new guns/exotics, and expecting close to or over 200vault spaces for keeping one of every gun, and having a few duplicates... that is a substantial amount of our vault space filled for a single season, excluding all prior items. Proposed Fixes (fast and quick change, followed by a proposed overhaul to collections): 1) Simply give us more vault space! When compared to other loot based games or mmo's it wouldn't be at all unreasonable to jump our vault to 1000/1500 spaces. Since this is a feature that probably isn't needed for the more casual players, I would be 100% ok with entertaining the idea of a paid DLC (for minimal cost) to permanently upgrade vault space. 2) Collection Update for pulling randomly rolled gear! [b](HELP MAKE THIS HAPPEN COMMUNITY! HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON IF YOU LIKE THIS IDEA!)[/b] This would be a multiple feature update. For starters, once a piece of gear has been acquired and unlocked in the vault, that piece can then be retrieved and rolled randomly by spending a "Mysterious Armor Token" or "Mysterious Weapon Token". These tokens are purchasable/earned from a NEW npc character that will hang out next to our vaults in the tower! This new NPC will offer a selection of weekly and daily bounties. Ranging across all match-made activities across destiny. The daily bounties all offer either a "Mysterious Weapon/Armor" token each, and allow you to roll a given item that you have unlocked in your collection. The weekly bounties.... need another mechanic introduced: Perk persistence/collection introduction! Every item you have droped will have its perks tracked and added to the collection for every item. So when viewing the item in your collection you can see a list of "lit/shadowed" icons for each perk, indicating what perks you have seen drop for that item. So Weekly bounties: Allow you to pull out a custom rolled item out of your vault where you get to select the exact perks (that you have unlocked for that item) once a week. Once for a weapon, and once for a piece of armor. These tokens are time limited, and will vanish after each weekly reset. Hence why the two weekly bounties will reward tokens "Unstable Armor Token" and "Unstable Weapon Token". This way, every week, as long as you finish your weekly bounties, you could re-acquire a piece of armor and a single weapon that has the exact rolls that you want. I believe this feature set will in the long run make Destiny 2 a more balanced, and less RNG heavy game at the very end-game. Since every season a "meta" is established, the only real change is that it would allow more casual players, and simply players with terrible RNG luck, to get rolls on weapons that are "god rolls" as long as they had the item drop enough to see the exact perks they wanted. Second to this, for the truly bleeding edge players, it would allow them to experiment and play with item's/perk load-outs that they otherwise wouldn't have used. It would create more variation, and a more varied end-game experience. Not to mention, this would remove the immediate need to stockpile a mountain of items in the vault. And allow the player to simply pick/choose what they want. While making any regrettable dismantle only a week away from re-acquiring that piece of gear.

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