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Griefers attack for the third time, and they went too far this time.

[i]*Offtopic minecraft server's spawn back to ruins*[/i] [b]The incident:[/b] Like the last post, I was away when the attack happened. However, this time the attack was way worse than before. Not only, they burned down the houses and everything again, they also destroyed and blew up the unburnable structures while also covering some of them with lava. Also, the attack was on a larger scale as not only most of everything in spawn was griefed, but my spire, buildings, and wall were not safe either as they were partially or completely demolished. An attack like this must have happened when the griefer was left alone with his own devices which was exactly what happened! This was a premeditated attack made by the griefer yesterday night! The screenshots of the damages: [spoiler]Higher view of ruined spawn: (newer) Remains of spawn villages: Ruined cobble fortress: RIP our stuff:[/spoiler] [b]Culprit:[/b] The culprit is probably "Grog_Master," even though we thought that his account was banned for good, we later found out that he was able to bypass being banned by simply changing his account name due to the server being in cracked mode. Yesterday night, he changed his account name to "Kellogs," logged in, and tried and pretend to be a normal new player. In fact, I was online when he logged in but never suspected that he was Grog_Master or a griefer in fact. [spoiler][/spoiler] Later that night, we were the only people online. When I was going to leave, I asked him when he was going to log out which he responded by saying 15-20 minutes, and then I left. When I logged in, I fell to my death and all my stuff burned in lava because I logged out from finishing off my house that I made on top of the cobble fortress, but Kellogs or Grog_Master blew up the top of the cobble fortress and dumped lava all over the rest. Apparently, Grog_Master hid a chest full of lava buckets to use when he logs in as Kellogs to trash the server overnight. Also, we figured it wasn't Camz fault because even though he was a known griefer who was banned from the server, his alt, pyrojoe, said sorry and does not want to hurt us anymore. Later, we believed his new intentions to be true as he started to get to know our community more. However, we'll see if he behaves in the future, but it is probably not him due to our discussion of Kellogs being Grog_Master. [b]The solution:[/b] The only good solution that came up in our chat to stop griefers like Grog_master from griefing our server seemed to be whitelisting. Whitelisting would help the server by preventing randoms from coming in and blocking alt accounts from logging in without proper verification. Agent Wyoming also provided his own solution to add on this: Also, this was how our discussion in chat went: Please provide more information about this incident, and please correct my accuracy!

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