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Destiny 2 has a growing loot problem (to go along side leveling and matchmaking problems)

Destiny 2 has a loot problem. It's been building for awhile now, but each progressive dlc in year 2 is pushing it further towards critical mass. The game is a looter-shooter and while I understand some players thought random rolls was the answer and the magic that was missing, I think we can lay that to rest at this point. My 50th Better Devil's or Prodigal armor piece aren't any more exciting or interesting because of random rolls. When D2 came out, I immensely enjoyed grinding the different planet vendor gear sets. 17 months later they have the EXACT SAME GEAR. In year one, Vanguard, Crucible, IB, Trials and Factions all got new armor ornaments each season. Maybe it wasn't entire new sets, but it kept them interesting. Year 2? We're in the 2nd of 3 DLC and Trials and Factions are gone and Vanguard, Crucible and IB have the same gear they did in Sept 4, 2018. I get that it takes a lot of time to create new content, but this should have been made a priority long before now. Random rolls was never the answer outside of a band-aid and the game would've been much better off giving each variation a slightly different skin design and name rather than 20 versions of Better Devil's. Destiny 2 has a leveling problem. This is particularly exposed by this new expansion that, with no raid as a guise to level up to, lays bare how pointless another 50 level grind is. The numbers are literally meaningless as we just are progressing to where we just were. Beyond that, the entire leveling system is counter-productive to the rest of this expansion. This loop was created of playing Gambit Prime and the Reckoning, but here's the thing; if we do find that content loop enjoyable, we're punished for playing it because we stop progressing on leveling. I have ZERO interest in playing this content solo, but I did just play a few hours of it with a friend and I have to say that it was fun. Reckoning was kinda meh at first blush (not the best or worst arena mode they've done), but Prime is much better than OG Gambit and actually pretty fun. Unfortunately outside of any Prime Engrams that might drop, there's the weekly Gambit bounty and then nothing. Played 3 hours, started at 650 and finished at 651. Everything drops 20-30 power below our character level including the Infamy rank up packages! It's insane that a drop that takes hours of play time investment isn't even an up. Even the full rank reset packages aren't ups. They drop at our character PL. It's awesome that there are lots of powerful bounties for those that like variety, but I've been here since D1 day 1 and I don't need the game forcing me to "experience everything", just like I don't need it forcing me to try new weapons with a horrid infusion system. I can't speak for anyone else, but if the level cap had stayed 650 or only gone up 15-20 levels like expansions of old, I'd have a different perspective on things, but I think another 50 levels was a mistake. Destiny 2 has a matchmaking problem. I've already written thousands of words on this so I'm not going to rehash it here, but I will say it's extremely disappointing that there not only were no adjustments this season, but that it hasn't ever even really been addressed or discussed. Yesterday was a DLC release day and for the first time that I can remember, there were less PvE players than Gambit/Crucible. Yesterday saw: 563.1k PvE 366.9k Gambit 213k Crucible Again, this is on a major content release day. Those numbers are frightening and I think it clearly shows that players aren't excited to go grind the same content we've already grinded for 265 levels since Forsaken dropped for another 50 meaningless levels. I also think it clearly shows that listening to the top 10% on how to save the game and particularly Crucible has not panned out. 90% of the population have walked away and washed their hands of PvP. It's great Truevanguard and Gigz can put up all their highlight videos to get retweeted or put in #motw, but the players getting farmed are over it. It's really sad that we're here again with so much ambivalence for the game because there's a ton of cool things in this game and it's still there best feel of any shooter I've ever played. The problem is it's equally good at shooting itself in the foot and for all the incredibly cool/fun things, there's a pointless forced/micromanaged experience that sucks all the fun out of it. D2 Y1 had plenty of flaws, but it was a cohesive unified vision and all the parts for together. Year 2 is a bunch of square pegs in round holes.

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