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Vanguard Pinnacle Steps in Under 2 Hours! Let’s start with a few disclaimers 1. [b]This is for the “annoying steps” not the nightfalls themselves. Getting 1000 precision kills and generating 500 orbs. The nightfalls are pretty straight forward so that is for you to decide but I would chose to fight Xol this week. I also personally still keep Void and Heavyweight[/b] 2. [b]You don’t need what I use, I just find it to be the most effective way to eliminate the yellow bars enemies. What the real focus is having the masterwork weapon to wipe all the trash ads. You may even find an even more optimized way to do the same strategy[/b] 3. [b]I will be referring to the imgur photos as a visual to explain what I exactly did to the best of my ability[/b] Now that’s out the way, let’s make a neat exposition to explain where to go and what I used: Strike: [i]Strange Terrain[/i] Modifiers: [i]Void, Heavyweight[/i] What I used: [i]Skull w/ Slowva Bomb, masterworked Midnight Coup, a Void bow, and Two Tailed Fox[/i] Why? [i]Skull is used to wipe out 4 annoying yellow bars in the area which makes my life way easier, I used Midnight Coup because I am old school still, I’m sure a Kindled Orchid is way better but a must is that it has to be masterworked so you can produce orbs[/i] [i]Photo 1:[/i] [spoiler]I just explained this above[/spoiler] [i]Photo 2:[/i] [spoiler]This shows the area that the farming starts. You will go through the strike normally up until this point[/spoiler] [i]Photo 3:[/i] [spoiler]I run to the rock straight ahead and way for the knights to “jumpscare” me out of the floor. Once they jump I place a vortex nade at their feet where they land (which you will start to get a feel for the spot). They will both be low and this is where you can headshot both of them and generate 1 orb[/spoiler] [i]Photo 4:[/i] [spoiler]This is where I abuse Skull. Most times (sometimes you will get an odd occasion of a knight being a juke master) you will kill all 4 yellow bar knights and get your full super back. After this I stand on that elevated section on the left to get ready for the ultra wizard to spawn. I stand here because sometimes the Two Tailed Fox tracking goes haywire so this was the most consistent. After one rocket, the ultra will be absolute ready for one headshot[/spoiler] [i]Photo 5:[/i] [spoiler]I hide behind this rock after meleeing one of the acolytes to attempt to headshot all of them before summoning the big wave where this strategy really sparks[/spoiler] [i]Photo 6:[/i] [spoiler]There are a plethora of thrall in this checkpoint that all run in a straight line wanting to get headshot. Try your best to headshot all of them but this part is very good for the orb multikills[/spoiler] [i]Photo 7:[/i] [spoiler]After all of the ads are dead, you can run to this ledge to rinse and repeat. You should have 66 kills each time you die if you killed everything in the room[/spoiler] I haven’t made a guide like this since the Solstice event. I mention this because there was always this response: [quote]This is why people complain that there is no content to play. They speed through it and say there is nothing to do[/quote] To respond, some people who enjoy this game simply don’t have the same amount as others. Players may take their time, but others do want these weapons and if you don’t have the time it would take forever. In case you carefully examine the pictures, the timer is over 3 hours. This is because my friend before me came up with this strategy and was doing this for 2 hours before I got online. I just joined and he left after I saw what to do. It takes an honest hour and a half but with procrastination you are bound to take longer. My friend plays a Titan and he used the same weapon loadout but used his Sentinel w/ Ursa I believe. I tried my best to explain this and I hope this helps many other guardians endeavors in the future

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