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My Vengeance (an Destiny fanfict)

----------------------------------------- DISCLAIMER: I got this idea of this fanfiction after watching SomeOrdinaryGamers reading My Immortal and though of making a best worst destiny fanfict, here it is... Enjoy ladies and gents --------------------------------------------------- Chapter 1: it was a nice rougable sommer on the reef, mara sovs servant which her name is Vyki, she nor just an ordinary woman she loves heavy metal music and was goth loving reading purtry. "mara am bored can I go home" vyki said it jinxly, mara was very not so guud mood that day and replied in a vubly tune "No if you go, you wont get any chicken mcnuggets for lunch" mara said in a hash tune. But all vyki want was to just want to be cool, vyki then took her handcannon out, mara then replied back to her "if dare my guards will f#ck you up because they strung" she replied gusly. But mara didnt know what to said then she got an idea and said "hey you vyki girl, alright you can get a day off but if I found out you doing stupid sh#t like last time when you accidently crashed my ship into my bedroom" mara replied seriously, vyki then said "dont you worry, im not going to be a trouble maker", she then ran out to her ship turned on some music which is Rollin by Limp Bizkit, she then flew to the tower very super fast. Mara then called her brother Uldren the Vampire, he said "whayt is iit?" uldren replied confused, mara said to him "follow vyki and dont do any dracula tricks" mara replied serious, uldren looked and closed his eyes and though in his head, an cloud of flying bagels, then uldren replied "as you wish sis :)". Chapter 2: After 5 hours of flying vyki finally reach the tower of the last city, so she looked around and talking to an guardian, vyki have never seen one before, she then yelled at guardian "your armor sux" replied very cooly, the guardian laughed so hard that he went to orbit, vyki then said to herself "huh maybe I was too hash to that douche crip". THEN out of no where spawned spawned master cheif said loudly "what the sh#t is this f#ckin place" vyki then replied to him "hmm Im think you are in the wrong game", cheif then replied and disapeared "I think you right", vyki then replied to herself "no sh#t sherlock". After one day she decided to go to an house of an guardian and kicked the guardian out of the house and sleep. But then an Uldren the Vampire went to hear to her room and trying to bite hear with his dracula teeth, vyki then open her eyes and kicked him in the nose and disapeared VYKI was shocked and repliyed "whou in the world is that" replied very confusedly. Chapter 3: Vyki decided to go to tower and find an guardian to mess around with, she is a trouble maker you know?. She finally saw one guardian named Guuk, she stealthly got close to him and pull down his pants and yelled "who in this sh#tty place dud this?" she then said "IT WAS A GHOST!", guuk then said "nice try but dont try do stevens" the guuk then walked away as if it never happend, vyki the took an water balloun and threw at guujy, she then ran away and hide and laugh while listning to kool goth music and said "these idi@ts are too easy hah" vyki then got an idea later Chapter 4: edgy villian time Vyki said loudly "I aym goyn to be powerfull and mortal Hahaha" very loudly she then said "I am Vyki the Super Doper Mortal Thing, wait thats too loung, so it would just be vyki" the next day the vampire uldren came and said "hello" to her, vyki was confused and said "who in the sh#t toilet are you?", vampire uldren replied "Im Count Uldren-cula from Reefsylvania and my sis Mara sent me to watch if did trouble making" she laugh and accidently spill her drink and uldren vampire felt down and said "we warned you muhaha", she didnt believe that they watch and decided to go to her ship and go to a trip but her ship was broken and said "f#ck that piece of cr@p was broken anyways, well HYuh". Chapter 5: Vyki ran towards an high level guardian and yelled "ouga bouga hiiiyaaa!!!" and was close to knock him out, she then reliazed that this wasnt just an ordinary gurdian IT WAS GUUK!, he then replied "man this was another if your tricks", vyki then yelled loudly "AAAUGHUGSHH you stupid..guy" and she pulled her golden gun and missed too, guuk then said "hah nice try sucka". Chapter 6: revenge on guuk So its was an afternoon vyki then decided to do something really stupid, basically she decided to do is to make an piece of giant blop sirop and spill on a him and laugh, vyki said to herself "now this fool can get an taste". Chapter 7: now It was the guardiancon 2014 and guuk was talking to shaxx and zavala on how guud he is at being good, vyki stealthly rent top on the eververse vendor in the tower, tess akwardly replied to her "ugh what are you doing up there" she replied, vyki and said quietly "im going to prank guuk and run away fast HAHA". Tess then replied back "yeah right..", vyki went closer and closer to him and.... SPILLED THE SIROP AND QUICKLY RAN TO HER SHIP AND FLYED BACK TO THE REELSYLVANIA, guuk said "aw man this sh#t is nasty yuu know" and evrybody laughed at him even his friends. Chapter 8: Beefsylvanian trouvlr After she had parked her ship and ran to the queen and said "now im back and I....." she saw uldren dracula and mara replied "I heard you done trouble making... Again?!, well sh#t biscuit", and uldren-cula replied to vyki to "See huh", but for some reason vyki didnt know what she needs she then said to her liely "I was hanging out with some buddies" and the biggest thing is that mara in fact believe and vyki was like in her head "yes!?", but uldren-cula said "nnonono Nou that is not true, believe me mara!". He said sadly and then saw the light and he went to sleep in his coffin. Vyki then said "thanjs duud" she replied happiely, but then mara replied cross "I know what you did, GET IN TO YOUR ROOM, Now!" she replied. Chapter 9: After one week been in her room, vyki then rent to the thrown and saw that she was talking to some else. Vyki then ren over to then while listing to heavy metal on her IPod, she then said to mara "Yo yo my queen mara, whos dis?" vyki replied akwardly, mara then said "This is Petra Venj, the new servant" , vyki was like "wuuaat, but.. im your...!" replied and mara said "you are instead our guard now ", queen said, Petra looked at vyki and said "im sorry but she told me that you are trouble maker", mara then said to vyki "its not like your fired but take a break for a while". Chapter 10: Vyki then stole and ghost and teleported to cosmodrone and then broke the ghost, vyki then decided to attack them as she want to be trouble maker using golden she unfortuantly missed then, the guardian "Hmm wierd", vyki decided at she wanted vengeance and stole one of the guardiand ships, the level1 guardian said "thats was mys ship" Chapter 11 Vyki then returned to reefsylvania and said "mara im back after just 5 minutes, please give my job back" she said very akwardly, mara was thinking and came up with an idea and said "well you can have your post but remember dont f#cking do stupid sh#t like last time..ok?" mara replied seriously, vyki then said "but why?", mara then said "we got alot complains from a guy name guuk who said you pranked him alot" she replied cross, vyki then said "oops sorrry". To be Continued

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