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Replace the coward Zavala #NotMyTitanVanguard

This isn’t a complaint about Bungie’s character development decisions. I’ve been loving this expansion. No, this is one Titan’s disappointment in his Vanguard leader. WARNING: SPOILERS. SPOILERS. SPOILERS. Don’t read further if you haven’t finished the Forsaken Campaign. I just got the biggest scolding from Commander “Papa Smurf” Zavala for, of all things, putting a bullet in the guy who killed a member of HIS fire team. You would think Zavala would have been a little more proud but Noooo. He immediately starts in on me with some “blah blah, the city needs ya Guardian.” “Blah Blah think of the big picture” And then he has the balls to tell me that if circumstances were different he’d have put a bullet in Uldren himself. Oh, okay tough guy. Reeeal easy to say that after the fact. I bet you just stood by that railing in the tower the whole time I was out there SINGLE HANDEDLY hunting down all the Barons. Then this blue piece of mediocrity has the gall to tell me that “My consequences will have actions” and who knows what scary things might happen because I made Uldren take a dirt nap. You wanna talk about consequences big blue? Inaction has its consequences too. Because I guaranfrickentee that if we had sent every Hunter, Titan, and Warlock from the get go like Ikora wanted to do Uldren wouldn’t have had enough time to reload the Ace of Spades let alone release a Hentai monster from some freaky other realm. It’s time for a Titan Vanguard who isn’t a coward. I’m calling you out Zavala, meet me in the crucible bitch. EDIT: For everyone saying “We couldn’t leave the city undefended” I’ve got some news for you. It’s stated in the grimoire by Mara Sov that there are several million guardians. I think Zavala could have spared a -blam!-ing strike team or two to go stomp on Uldren. Dude could have sent 10,000 guardians to the reef and not lost any combat readiness when you consider how many guardians just dick around and don’t do field work.

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