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2/15/2019 12:41:35 PM

The Current RNG is Bad. Really Bad.

I'm going to post this saying that I, a Y1 D1 Player, HATE the amount of RNG involved in LITERALLY EVERYTHING. I took a stroll down memory lane, and booted up D1 today. The perk options are more refined, and well... Diverse and Interesting. Two things, despite the changes in Forsaken, that just don't exist anymore. The Crucible is somehow in FAR WORSE shape than it was in D1. (Take that with a grain of salt-D1 player count IS lower.) Your "We're passing this Feedback onto the various teams" response is annoying, and in the famous words of Respawn's Vince Zampella... "So Yeah.... Whatever the f**k that means." We are running into the same mistakes as before. I WANT NUMBERS. DATA. I want to know why Trials isn't returning. I want to know why I cannot seem to be gaining anything no matter how long or hard I grind. It's great that you're telling us the sandbox numbers, but I want Drop Rates. Posted nice and clear so I know what I'm getting myself into. Or some other way to improve RNG. It sincerely sucks to realize that this game is obviously weighted AGAINST those that play the game the most. A friend of mine has MULTIPLE PIECES OF FORSAKEN-SPECIFIC ARMOR. And I only have ONE. Just ONE. Hell, you're so F**king vague that I cannot help but feel like I'm raging in an empty room. I have NEVER missed a weekly Milestone, No matter how tedious, have popped Vanguard and Crucible boons, AND Fireteam Medallions as often as I could have. Still nothing. (Don't lie, either. It's so obviously weighted against those that play the most. Quite a few of my more "casual" friends have 5-6, or more, Forsaken Exotics, and FAR better rolls on their weapons. I'm Serious. I have one Outlaw/Rampage gun. A Go Figure. I've also never gotten quite a few weapons to drop.) I just want a reason to play Destiny. Because Destiny is at its best when you are able to get gear that makes Destiny feel better to play. This cycle is broken when you don't get ANY worthwhile gear to continue the cycle. Hell, I am close to two titles, but guess what? RNG ruins any chance of me getting those things in a timely manner. So, In short... F**k you guys, and F**k your S***ty RNG. -A loving letter from a fan

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