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Into the Shadows Chapter 2: The process of deduction (repost)

[url=]Previous Chapter [/url] When Shin had exited the room, Giant finished his cup of tea and bowl of ramen, and made his way back into the hangar. “Alright, let’s get started.” He said, turning to Echo. “How do we get information about Gambit?” “Since talking to the Drifter is out of the question, I suggest we visit Sherlock.” As they walked toward Sherlock’s house on Baken street, the Exo rubbed the spot between his shoulders where that infernal Machine was hooked up to. “Ugh, it’s still sore.” He said, “How long have I been locked up in that prison?” “About a month, I believe.” Echo replied. “what day is it?” “It’s the 8th day of the second month, sir.” “Crap...” They stepped upon the threshold of the abode of Sherlock Holmes and knocked on the door. “Do come in, Titan!” Sherlock called, cordially. Giant entered the living room of Sherlock and Watson’s home. Sherlock was in his armchair. Giant opened his mouth to speak when Sherlock said, “You’ve come to ask for information about Gambit, haven’t you?” Giant smiled, “how’d you know?” “It is my business to know, Giant. The legendary Shin Malphur wanted to speak with you. His main business is hunting Shadows. Where else might they be but Gambit?” The detective leaned back in his armchair and continued, “I am glad to report that everything that you need to know about this sport is on the table. For now, how about some tea? I’m currently waiting on developments with my current case, as are you, I have heard, and it is always good to have someone to talk to, with Watson away practicing his profession on those not fortunately gifted with the Travelers light.” He clapped his hands. In an instant, a tray of tea and biscuits materialized before them. “So, what have you been up to since I was gone?” Giant said, sipping his tea. “Oh, the usual. Solving mysteries mostly.” Holmes replied, “How about you? I heard that Keksis chap did a number on you.” “All of these wounds I got were when I was tied up. Trust me, as soon as I got free, I made sure to pay him back.” Giant gazed out the window of the house, into the streets of city. Holmes raised an eyebrow. “Alright, who is she?” “Excuse me?” “Be frank with me, Giant. You’ve been eerily quiet ever since you got here. You’re obviously thinking about something. It can’t be Keksis, for you can only wait for Shin to supply you with the information before you go after him. Crimson days is almost here, as well, so what else could be on your mind except an interest of the heart?” “Okay, fine.” Giant conceded, “I should’ve known better than to hide things from you. Her name is Ashla. We uh, met in the EDZ, back when the City fell.” “Hmm, she a Human? Exo? Guardian?” “Neither. She’s Awoken but, not a guardian. Apparently she’s been living out in the wilds for some time now, all by herself. No help from anybody.” “So, how exactly did you meet?” Giant frowned. “Look, I don’t see how it’s any of your gosh darn business, okay? We met once, exchanged a few words, and that’s it. I don’t know where she is now, either. Haven’t known for months.” Giant finished his tea and stood up. “I appreciate your help, Mr. Holmes. I will see you at the crimson days tournament this Tuesday.” “Do be careful, my friend.” “I will, don’t you worry about it.” The Titan took the datapad and left the house. “Echo, make sure my new ship is ready.” He said, “I’m going to re-equip and re-arm.” “At once, sir.” “Let’s see about this Gambit business, eh?” ——————————————————— [url=]Next Chapter[/url] [url=]Masterpost[/url]

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