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Cheaters in crucible

Bungie you SHOULD seriously start thinking about doing something about these people who “cheese” or “cheat” their way to legend to get not forgotten . This is one reason why I’ve stopped playing your game now is because you’re NOT doing anything about them . I’ve seen so many , so many people who doesn’t deserve the gun getting it now because of this method where they get free wins in competitive . How do I know that you do not care ? I’ve tried reporting them few times , even on twitter but it seems that you guys aren’t even gonna do anything . If you won’t do anything then I’m sorry for those who still plays the crucible playlist because way too many people are getting not forgotten now through this method and are ruining the game experience now . The link down below shows proof that they use underhanded method to get not forgotten . [redacted] [quote]Ninja Edit [spoiler]I've taken the liberty of removing the account names of the person(s) who you stated were cheating. [url=][u]Bungie takes reports and game bans VERY seriously[/u][/url], and so they carefully research those reports against their server logs for actual shenanigans (cheating/exploits). If those reports and the investigation bear fruit, the cheaters will be dealt with. But things like making a vid, creating a topic, and/or naming them here on the forums serves no purpose and has no benefit. [b]If you have used [u][url=]the in-game report tool[/url][/u], then you've done your part. And thank you for doing so.[/b] For those who who want to take the extra step, or were kicked from the game (and are unable to access the reporting tool), Bungie has created a [u][url=]Cheating Submission Form[/url][/u] that allows players to find the PGCR (Post Game Carnage Report) from their personal history, fill out an official report, describe the cheating, and even link a vid (if they have one). [b]Please feel free and encouraged to use this tool, [u]but pay close attention to the warnings on the form[/u][/b]. * If you are not confident that a player was cheating, do not use this form. * Abuse of this contact form may result in account restrictions. * Fraudulent reports and submissions unrelated to cheating may result in disciplinary actions against your account. [url=][u]Click here for more information[/u][/url][/spoiler] Please note: this is not a sort of censorship and me or other ninjas are not defending cheaters in any way. Please use the report tool for the best result.[/quote]

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