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Game quality suggestions

Hey there. I felt it was time to post some suggestions from a Day1 Destiny player, now seeing the black armory in full swing and the 2.1.4 patch uploads. There were many gripes that were addressed and some that still linger to the aggravation of many players, including myself. Here are some ideas and input that I hope you will agree with and help post it so a bungie employee may take these ideas and address them to the proper department. I I Current problems to address: 1) Dreaming City and Last Wish cosmetic drop rates. - This is a pain and needs to be adjusted MAJORLY. Either increase the drop rates, or remove them from the triumph badge. Or alternatively address with the suggestion in #2 I I 2) DC Baryon Boughs. - please allow Petra to start accepting the tons of Baryon Boughs like most of the other planet vendors. Maybe use them as purchased faction rep, or useable to buy more raid banners in addition to the Glimmer and Legendary shard options. If that can be done, add the DC cosmetic items to her loot table and that will cut down in the general player’s aggravation. Also increase the skull vendors’ items and stack sizes. Those changes come in and we can finally use those Boughs for something productive and have a better option to complete our “Cursebreaker” title I I 3) New Weapons. - PLEASE STOP CONTINUALLY PUSHING OUT MORE HAND CANNONS! Every new dlc release, the main thing y’all push in everyone is a new HC. First it was Crimson, then it was Ace, then Malfeasance, then Luna’s/Not Forgotten, now it’s Last Word, and soon , Thorn. Please bring back some original favorite rifles like Vex Mythoclast, IceBreaker, Necrochasm, Touch of Malice, The Stranger’s Rifle, etc. Maybe tie them in to a lost artifact item that Ada-1 researches and you do a quest line to forge the classic weapons. Not everyone likes to run with hand cannons all the time. I personally hate it. I I 4) White screen issue - Please change the blinding white screen from initial startup, error messages, and from the character loading screen. I suffer from Traumatic Brain Injury and I sometimes have light sensitivity issues so I play with lower brightness settings. The blaring random white screens sometime induce a lot of pain in my head and eyes. Please change this by either adding an option to the menu or changing those screens please. I I 5) Please lower the amount of things that force people into playing crucible. I’m not a PvP player anymore due to the matchmaking imbalances in quick play and the amount of people running OP hand cannons and shotguns. So I avoid PvP as much as possible, but the clan bounties and quests like the Last Word force players to do pvp and it’s not pleasant at all for the more casual players. It’s not fair to forc us into Quickplay PvP and keep getting killed by try-hard players with Luna’s, Not Forgotten, and now the Last Word. I I 6) Badge title requirements - please fix that by either removing the cosmetic items from the collection badges or increase their drop rates. So many players like me are held back from the “Wayfarer”, “Dredgen”, and “Cursebreaker” badges due to not getting the cosmetic items that have ridiculously low drop rates. I I 7) Weapon catalysts - Please increase the drop rate on RNG based catalyst drops like Mida, Riskrunner, Sleeper Simulant, Prometheus Lens, etc. many of us have been chasing catalysts ever since they first were released and some of us have tons of strikes and PvP matches under our belt and still can’t get a single catalyst drop. Please fix their drop rates a bit so we can have better opportunities to upgrade or favorite weapons finally. I I 8) Please fix the economy issues for Enhancement cores. Infusing items costs way too much on cores and it’s annoying. Maybe remove the cores cost for tier 5 level and below. When it can cost a total of 10-15 cores to fully upgrade a weapon is outrageous. I I Sorry for the long post, but there were many things that I feel i’m not alone in addressing so maybe these items can properly be addressed somehow. Thank you

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