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Well, Bungie, you did it. You killed Warlocks.

Final Edit: It seems I wasn't clear enough. Nova Warp needed a nerf. I think it went too far as a nerf, however. Again, I'm a Stormcaller main. Warlocks have a useless class ability in PvP, they have poor maneuverability, and in this recent update the only thing that got a substantial buff was a shutdown super, and even then it's still not great, it's only more viable. This is not a conversation about Nova Warp. This is a discussion about Warlocks as a whole. I know Titan and Hunter mains are going to down vote me into oblivion but this needs to be said. The least used class in crucible just got the heaviest nerf I've seen in my life (60% charge cost, PLUS 6.8 seconds shaved off? Are you serious?) AND got the laziest buffs out of everything listed. Three seconds for Dawnblade is actually nothing. You might as well have said you don't want to tweak it. And an extra target for Stormcaller is absurd because nobody stands that close together in such a large group, it doesn't make sense. The other two classes got substantial buffs, and are in really good spots. Factor in exotics and they're sitting pretty at the top. All three roaming supers for Warlocks are now trash in comparison. The nerfs to NW were taken WAY too far. You'll be hard pressed to get more than two kills with it now. Top tree Dawnblade needs a full rework (Icarus Dash is useless. It needs to dodge further. Fighting in the air with Wings of SD is just putting a target on your face). Stormcaller needs more range, or armor, or damage. Something. If you need any proof, look at the numbers. Warlocks are the least used class in crucible by a long shot. You need to do something about it, Bungie. Edit: This post is focused directly on roaming supers. I'm aware Nova Bomb was buffed and tuned. Please stop bringing it up. Edit 2: I'm for Nova Warp getting nerfed. I'm not happy with how far it went. I'm unhappy with how little the other subclasses got. Stop trolling about NW. Edit 3: Stormcaller main here. Seriously, cut it out with the comments about crutching Nova Warp. You're not offering anything other than toxicity. Yes, I have used Nova Warp. But my primary class has been Stormcaller since TTK.

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