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[Poetry - Long] The Hungry Titan (or, The Ahamkara's Gamble)

Greetings, o reader mine. This is a long piece of poetry I did on a lark. It deals with a Titan and a Ghost during The Great Ahamkara Hunt. Comments, feedback and brickbats welcome. --- The Ahamkara was subtil, With a charming smile and mouth full of teeth, 'Come, o saviour mine, come into the shade, my treasure upon you I bequeath.' The Ahamkara was honest, With the beard of a pard and the eyes of a manticore, 'Come, o Guardian mine, come into my cave, Lay your weapons by the door.' The Ahamkara was soothing, It unfurled its metallic wings and hung mid-air, 'Ask your question, o inquisitor mine, For we both have lifetimes to spare.' 'Beware my Guardian,' the Ghost chirped, 'the Trickster eats with its words, It promises calm without the pleasure of the storm, It's heart is dark, it's desires are the cravings of buzzards.' The Ahamkara was saddened, With a catch in its throat and quivering lips, 'Why so hurtful, o lightforged cicada mine, Come here into the shade and flit about on my fingertips.' 'Beware my Guardian,' the Ghost insisted, 'Beware this Dragon's intent, It's words are sharp and it's mind has claws, It preys on your doubts and discontent.' The Ahamkara was perplexed, Seated like a lotus, it raised its brow, 'Why so cynical, o machine-mind mine, What malfunctions do you fear in the gifts I endow?' 'I serve not the Deep, I serve not the Sky, I serve no master but myself. Let the Guardian and I talk, o fly with a single eye, Or does its programming prohibit it from thinking for itself?' 'You are strong, sharp and puissant o Guardian mine, I am sure you see the point, Your karma is enshrined in Time and Space, Or in this too are you and the machine conjoint?' 'Do you think for yourself, Do you have your own will, Do you think the right way, the way I do, O Destiny mine, tempered with magnificent skill?' 'I know many secrets, o Guardian mine, And I waited for a long-shadow like you, You are special, you are unique, you are awesome, Only your opinion matters, only your reality is true.' 'The numbers are in and they tell your tale, My my, how your achievements have grown, Everything you do matters, You are the greatest Guardian we have ever known!' The Ahamkara was confident, It held up a sign with a golden '10/10', 'Come now, o Guardian mine, Just make a simple wish and then… The Ahamkara was salivating, Now an Owl with a serpent's tail, It reached for the Guardian's mind with its talons, '…watch as my magic…' The Ahamkara was taken aback, It's words caught in its feathered throat, The Ahamkara turned to slither away, Squealing like a speared stoat. In the Guardian's ears was cotton, In its mind was… nothing. No, not nothing, sharp teeth, And a memory of dancing on Saturn's Ring. The Ahamkara took flight on leather wings, Again it sent its talons to the Guardian's mind, This time the Guardian was on the surface of Luna, Performing an obscene grind. The Ahamkara screamed with three mouths, Cursing as a bullet tore through its spine The Guardian's mind was closed to the Ahamkara, 'Got you now, o Ahamkara mine!' Chirped the triumphant little light, 'Die now and curse in vain! For you are now caught in my trap, Along with my Titan main!' 'You pray on weakness and intelligence, I give you someone who has none of the above, A glorious Titan, blessed by the Traveler, Someone with a singular focus. Well, sort of.' The Ahamkara desperately racked its memory, For things over which Guardians obsessed, Saline liquid poured out its pores, 'My my, o killer mine, I am quite impressed.' The Ahamkara limped in the shape of a horse, As the Guardian put a bullet through its kneecap, Desperate, it turned to just a mind and a mouth, A last throw of the dice, the Ahamkara laid its last trap. 'You have defeated me fair and square, I surrender my fate to you, I know you are a busy Guardian, o killer mine, So do what you have to do.' 'I know you have places to be, people to see, Innocent wish dragons to kill, So be quick about it, here I bare my brain, Go ahead, do as you will.' 'One thing gnaws at me though,' This was clearly too easy, 'Doesn’t the killing turn your stomach? Makes you hungry as it makes you queasy?' A faint aroma filled the Titan's helmet, Tamago, Yin-Yang, Soya and Zen Too late the Ghost saw the Ahamkara's gamble, The hungry Titan pulled the trigger and wished for hot Ramen.

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