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You're Unwelcome Here. [Chapter 1 (3 of 3)] (Fanfiction)

[quote][i]If you are new to my works, which is likely as I have only recently moved to #Community, then you can find the links to my previous stories here: I [u]highly[/u] recommend you give the other two books a read before continuing on with this continuous journey. Thank you for your time.[/i][/quote] [b]Previous Chapter:[/b] As he passed though the hallway that connected the main portion of the Tower to the Hanger, Biocatarus-3 contemplated if he was doing the right thing by leaving everyone behind. [i]I’m not growing or improving.[/i] he told himself, believing the self-conceived words to be true. [i]If I stay here, I’ll be unhappy forever, and that’s a fate I do not desire.[/i] As if it couldn’t help itself, or perhaps possessing a hidden motive, the Voice decided to provide further motivation. [b][There is a reason we Guardians are as good as we are, and it’s not just because of the Light. It’s those first few days we have to live out there in the wild, without anyone to depend on but ourselves.][/b] Biocatarus-3 recognized the words, and hated that he did. [i]Did you just quote Two?[/i] [b][I felt it was appropriate.][/b] [i]Don’t do that again, ever.[/i] [b][You do not command me.][/b] [i]And you do not control me![/i] [b][Don’t be-][/b] The Exo forced himself disregard the disembodied sounds that were the Voice’s response to his statement, choosing to instead [i]prove[/i] that he maintained free will. [i]You are the master of my dreams, and nothing more.[/i] [b][Confidence only confirms your vanity.][/b] Distracted, Biocatarus-3 had failed to notice the stealthy approach of another Guardian, now only a few feet behind him. The Hunter spent a few seconds observing the blank and distracted state of the Exo, until she was at last satisfied and chose to make her presence known. “Hello there!” she yelled. The trance of internal thought was obliterated from the surprise, and Biocatarus-3 reacted by tumbling to the ground thanks to an oversized and poorly balanced shoulder plate. He quickly pulled himself back up, fearful that his plan of desertion had been discovered, and looked upon the ash-stained face of one of the few people he still recognized. “Ceris Vance, intolerable as always.” he growled, now completely distracted from his task by her presence. The exuberant human produced a thin laugh at the no longer composed Exo, and her Ghost aggressively flew forward in defence of her Guardian. “Intolerable!? She’s not… No wait, I see where you’re coming from, sorry.” said the oversensitive Ghost, her tone and words too meek to make her sound braver than she was. Ceris reacted with a wince, spectacularly embarrassed at her other half’s fervor. She pushed the little light away with a glare. “Sorry about my Ghost, she’s always been an overly protective piece of pain since…” she bit her lip and shook her head, letting strands of burnt hair drift slightly. “Anyway, you’re leavin the City?” Biocatarus-3 was mentally thrown back into reality, already missing the short distraction that her presence had unintentionally created. He sighed, understanding that there was no point in lying, for he was now completely dependant on the verdict of the Hunter. “Was it not obvious?” he whispered. His hands balled into fists, suspecting the arrival of the Vanguard at any moment. Ceris’ stance betrayed no hints of her unrevealed agenda. “Whatever, smartass. Look, you’re not gonna get outta here without a ship and the Vanguard’s permission.” Biocatarus-3 noticed that a smile had consumed her face. Ceris continued her speech. “Now the ship’s easy, I’ve got an ol’ skyhopper that you can use. She won’t get you far, but she’ll fly.” She paused again for effect, trying to angle herself as to let a gust of wind move her cape in some kind of heroic fashion. “The Vanguard’s gonna be the problem, but I figure I could pull off a distraction long enough for your getaway.” The Exo, only for a moment, appeared rejuvenated at the prospect of the offer, now hopeful that his journey still had a chance to begin. “Seems like you’ve got this all figured out.” he remarked. “This ain’t my first time fleein from big blue head. Here, the passcode to my ship.” She passed him a grey keycard. His metal hands were shaking as he accepted it. His original plan was to attempt a bribe with the Shipwright, never once expecting to receive a display of kindness like the one he was offered now. “Why are you doing this?” he asked, wisely questioning her motivations. Despite her friendly demeanor, it would be a lie to say that they were even remotely close, even in the days when he was another man. Ceris broke eye contact ashamedly, as if the truth of her kindness was no noble source of pride. “You’ve read the Clusters, you’re smart enough to know why…” she replied quietly, lightly biting her lip. “I’d start to make a move if I were you, daylight’s fadin.” The Hunter shifted her posture and began to walk away with silent footsteps. Biocatarus-3 briefly considered letting her go without closure, but he was grateful for the act of compassion she had shown, along with the momentary distraction from his fear. Anxious all consuming doubt was quickly rushing back to feed upon his mind, so in one last ploy for clarity he called out to her. “Ceris?” he yelled, careful enough in volume as to avoid drawing further attention from any unwanted parties. The Exo expected her to completely ignore him, but did she turn to show an acknowledgement to his words. “Yah B-C-3?” She looked him in the eyes. “Thank you.” he said, quickly blinking at a somber realization. The words had felt completely alien when they came from his mouth, and he was suddenly unsure if it was the right thing to say. But Ceris laughed, and unlike her previous occurrence of this action, this one was genuine and true, causing Biocatarus-3’s insecurity to slowly melt away, if only for a second. “Think that’s the first compliment I’ve ever heard from you.” she beamed enthusiastically. “Go, run fast, and wait for my signal. You’ll know when to start flyin.”

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